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A Little Prayer for the Ministry Team

If you’re the praying sort, would you think of The Princess this morning? After the bean supper at church last night, she expressed some feelings of sadness, and I realized that she misses the churches and people we have left behind. Interim Ministry is all about change, and we knew that, but this is the first time she has faced integrating into a new church without a brother or two along to make the adjustment with her.

My children made a shockingly smooth transition to being theological offspring when I graduated from seminary almost six years ago. They have spoken politely and with interest to countless adults, told the stories of where they go to school and about their extracurricular interests. They have done readings and worship dramas, but have stepped aside to let others have center "stage," too. They have sung and played instruments. They have waited patiently for their mother when "five more minutes" became thirty or forty-five or an hour.

Our new church family has been nothing but gracious; we’re just experiencing a little homesickness for what we’ve left behind. And I guess that’s the way it will be for us, if this is the path I’ll be walking.

I guess you could throw in a little prayer for me, too.

(Sermon over here, if you are so inclined.)

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  1. The life of a PK can be challenging. Your daughter is amazing. She will be fine. God has blessed her with much grace – and with you!

  2. oy! church life… *sigh* put your feet up, pop some popcorn, watch a movie… and know as diane said in her sermon at her place… God is for you.

  3. Prayers for Princess and momma Songbird. We’ve talked a bit about being a PK lately. There isn’t quiet anything like it. The polietly saying hello at the door and then melding into the woodwork so folks can talk.

  4. Oh yes. And oh no! I thought the trip to FMCHU was happening on Saturday so we skipped the bean supper in favor of Italians from Tess’ Market. Better luck next time. They really are nice people but I hear you and the Princess — as a lot of us talked about on Friday, no matter what you’re moving TO, leaving good people behind is hard. My friend back in Land o’ More Lakes who is an interim basically leaves her kids and husband in place when she goes interiming, but I can see that wouldn’t work for you. (In fact those two could have used a little more pk-ism, but let’s not go there!)

  5. I wondered, Auntie Knickers!
    Yes, sending her to church with dad (either step or otherwise) is not in the picture. I believe I have made up my mind to transfer my membership back to Large Church, where the two younger children were baptized and I was ordained, in hopes it will open the possibility for her of getting involved in youth programs there. It’s the closest UCC church to our house, because when I bought this house I wanted to be near that church. As an interim, I have to maintain membership somewhere, and it seems like it will be easier to be non-intrusive in a larger congregation, yet comfortable to drop in when I have a week free, if ever.

  6. Transitions are hard, but you all are resilient. I”ll be sending thoughts your way–and especially the Princess’ way–at this time.

  7. I also worked with an interim whose kids went to the church across the street from their house (where they were members) while the pastor was with us (half an hour away from her house). Her teenage daughter found that to be a really helpful thing. Teen girls have so much going on, you know? Especially that particular PK–she needed a stable place and that was the only place it was going to be. I was wondering if that could work for you–though I don’t know how far away the other church you are thinking of re-joining is…could she walk there? Be taken by a friend? etc…just thoughts. I worry about interim pks…and pretty much all teenagers, actually. So much upheaval…

  8. Teri, it’s a reasonable walk from our house, and because we were members for 15 years (ending when I went to Small Church as pastor in 2002), we know lots of people in the congregation. I’m sure rides would be possible, if she decided she wanted to go. I would love for her to have a more stable church home.

  9. The idea of your membership going home to Large Church makes me really happy somehow. Blessings to you and Princess.

  10. Praying for all of you, of course…Very similar situation here. NOBODY at all to be a friend for the Dufflepud in this congregation, so I think I’ll have to sit light to his church attendance. Apparently there is a monthly youth service in the area to which kids from all over go, so I’ll feed him in to that and hope for the moment. Looking back is tempting, but not, I suspect, healthy for either of us at the moment.
    Love you lots xxxx

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