Finally, Writing It

It’s Later Than You Think

We had a long drive back today from visiting #1 Son at college and seeing him in a play last night. My sermon, underway when I left and much thought about, is a little further written since I returned home. But I am facing what I so often face in the preaching life: all the other parts of my life claim their time, too. I feel a bit envious of those pastors I've heard of who would go into the study and close the door and not come out or see people or do anything else until the sermon had been finished.

I am forced to the conclusion that these particular preachers are less likely to be doubling as homemakers/mothers/dog walkers, etc.

Enough. Back to it. My mind is on being chosen by God and the part that acknowledging our chosen-ness plays in feeling that way. Sermon will be posted later (maybe much later, we have a bean supper to attend).