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Big Love

It’s the name of the play, and it’s the feeling this mother has about all three of her children, including the one who was far away while The Princess and I went to see #1 Son in his play at college.

As The Princess said, "It’s the most inappropriate thing I’ve ever seen; it was great!"

After the show (which included brief nudity, lots of underwear, a fair amount of swearing and some very frank sexual talk, all of which overshadowed the violence…), the director moderated a question and answer session with the cast and designers.

#1 Son has been playing soft and/or smart characters all his acting life (since age 7). It was wonderful to see him take on the challenge of playing a forthright, macho "b@$tard @$$hole," as he put it, yet find that character’s humanity. His big speech asked a question that has plagued me ever since we sent troops to Iraq: how can we expect people to turn on the fighting instinct when it feels expedient, then imagine it will be easy to simply turn that off when the war is over?

Outside_orourkesThis morning we met early for breakfast at a Hiptastic town landmark. It’s the first place I ever went in that town, years ago, and I’m delighted to see it open again after a fire in 2006.

The grandparents will see the play tonight; we do wonder how they will take it. But as #1 Son put it, "If I weren’t in it, it would be different."


8 thoughts on “Big Love”

  1. The Princess is looking so very grown up in these pictures!
    It’s so very different when your children get older and we see them from a different perspective. I know you are proud of all of them!

  2. omigosh, songbird! we were not far from you this past week in noncontiguous ne state visiting D1, SIL and Grandbabyboy!

  3. Hahaha. Even with the new high & tight haircut I manage to look goofy as hell in these pictures. So not photogenic.

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