Sunday Morning

Oh, Lord~

In a few minutes I will leave the house and join my new faith community for our first morning of worship together. My sermon is prepared. My prayer is written. My children’s message is outlined. My outfit gives me confidence. My temporary tattoo is still visible.

Help us all in our moments of anxiety ever the details of the day or the direction of the future. Help us to see one another as we really are, and then to see each other through the eyes of your love  for everyone.

Help me to make YOU visible, to all who would see you. Amen.

(Caravaggio, “Supper at Emmaus”, painted 1601-02.)

20 thoughts on “Sunday Morning”

  1. You will touch your new community as you have touched those in the past. I have no doubt you will offer them God’s peace and love as you have those of us online.

  2. They’re gonna love you.
    If they don’t act nice, we’ll come over there and kick them in the shins.

  3. 🙂
    No need to worry, everyone was lovely! It was a great day.
    I am “out” as a blogger at the church, which is interesting. Many people knew why I had been away last weekend! I’ve had my first Church Council meeting, too, so work has been done.

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