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planning ahead

I'm going to work this week on a plan to connect the lectionary texts for the next four weeks to the themes in Henri Nouwen's Live of the Beloved, to look for the ways in which we are taken, blessed, broken and given, wrapping up on Ascension Sunday. Ruth Duck has a nice hymn on these themes, which we sang today. I wish I had not used it as the final hymn, in retrospect. I was thinking of singing it in full for the next four weeks, in part to teach it, but I think I may use selected verses instead. It's "nice," as I said before, but I want to strike some more energetic chords in my early weeks with the new congregation. I expect we'll get around to "Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ," for instance.

Next week is Good Shepherd, and I expect I can make "taken" work with that.

The following week we have the many rooms in God's house, which is certainly an example of being blessed.

Easter 6 gives us a sermon by Paul, and this makes me think I ought to look at Acts for all these weeks. We may feel broken when we are forced by faith to give up the world, only to discover that kind of broken is not so bad. Something like that.

Easter 7 is all about what has been given.

On these slim threads hang the possibility of a series…

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  1. I like this idea! I used the “taken, blessed, broken, given” example from last week’s Blogging the Text in my sermon yesterday. What a great idea to expand upon it more! I look forward to seeing how you do this.

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