Book #13: In Chancery

I’ve returned home to finish Part 2 of The Forsyte Saga, "In Chancery." The theme of this second book is the nature of marriage as a form of ownership. Galsworthy explores Soames Forsyte’s continuing desire to possess the wife from whom he has been estranged for many, many years. The book covers the turn of the century, from 19th to 20th, and the shift in society’s values. Soames considers divorce to be the end of his public career as a lawyer and makes plans accordingly. We are so far away from that, and yet don’t we all suffer from a desire to possess those we love? You have to be pretty darn conscious not to do it.
I’m on to the next "interlude" and will begin the final volume soon. I must say, the book continues to be, as we say in Vacationland, wicked heavy, and that is impacting the speed with which I read.