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Doing their best to bring about spring

  Doing their best to bring about spring 
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These little crocuses want you to know, even in Vacationland, spring is here!

Or at least they are trying to bring it about, all on their own…

It’s still cool here, especially compared to Cozumel, but I am seeing crocuses around the neighborhood, even where the snow continues to cover part of the ground. I’m amazed and delighted that bulbs I planted my own self, and others with help from my sister-in-law, look like they will make it.

What’s it like at your house?

16 thoughts on “Doing their best to bring about spring”

  1. Thanks for asking! I was just thinking about this, moments ago, while:
    sitting on the front porch steps as the dogs frolicked in the green grass (of which their daddy is most vain).
    looking up into the branches of the big oaks at the pollen buds and the tiny leaves, which have become quite apparent to the eye just during my recent absence (and oh is that pollen making me sick)
    watching a squirrel bound from branch to branch…once the leaves fill in we won’t be able to see them so well!
    going inside earlier than I intended because a spring shower started to spit on me
    realizing as I did that the Texas columbines I grew from seeds my mom gave me…are about to flower! Glory.
    Glad Spring is springing for you too. Love thinking about your crocuses peeking through the snow.

  2. I love crocuses (and daffodils). But they don’t grow here–doesn’t get cold enough. So spring has sprung here in south TX–and wildflowers are starting to bloom.

  3. No snow on the ground here, but it’s still cold and brown. Crocuses are blooming though, and the first daffodils.

  4. We haven’t any crocuses but the various bulbs we do have are looking like yours. However, in more sheltered locations (south-facing next to walls) there are blooming crocuses and other bulbs putting up really powerful shoots. And it was sure nice out today!

  5. cold. rainy, which melted the snow but left HUGE ponds of standing water everywhere. I keep hoping for signs of spring…because that means summer will surely come!

  6. Our spring peak has passed, by a few days. We still have dogwoods in full bloom but the azaleas are now fading. Hard to believe there is snow on the ground when it was over 80 here!

  7. Still a good bit of snow here, but not pretty white snow – now it’s all muddy, dirty, and heavy to shovel. It is warm enough to melt during the day (a bit) but then everything freezes at night, making that walk in the church parking lot quite treacherous. I’m glad you’ve got spring! We will se it here soon.

  8. By the time I got home from the BE, all of my azaleas had finished blooming. The peach tree finished leafing out weeks ago,and the little peaches are nickel-sized.
    The camellias have started their second round of blooming, and every tree has leafed out nicely.

  9. It is raining here on the daffy-dills. I wore sandals to work yesterday even though it was too chilly.
    And thank you for the blogged hugs. I can feel them!

  10. love the photo, love the hair color! glad the BE was so fabulous…really wish I could have been there…I’ve posted a few photos of my own from my new home….

  11. Ummmm…here? Do you REALLY want an answer to that?
    Well, in spring terms it’s going well, and there are primroses and the tail ends of daffodils on the lawn at the front of the new vicarage ~(the back is another and more muddly story, but I think it means I get to keep chickens)
    Inside…the boys had done really well with man things…teh garage is so sorted it scares me, but the house is a bit behind,to put it mildly. So lots and LOTS of unpacking to be done today…yesterday was putting flat pack furniture together day…Wednesday was just a blurrrrrrrr
    Love you. You are a definite sign of spring for me always 🙂 xxx

  12. Pretty warm and muggy here. Grass (aka weeds) are green, trees well leafed-out. It’s been way too dry, so the wildflower crop is pretty sad. Where there have been grass fires, the grass is nice and green, otherwise the dead brown stuff is still there. Honeysuckle is blooming. I wore sandals last Sunday rather than the “winter preaching shoes,” so summer must be here. And we’re without an air conditioner at the church till sometime next week. That’s a problem here, in April. I assume we’ll survive, as people have for eons, without it.

  13. Hey.
    I’m at Hogworts of the SOuth this weekend..then off to preach for a prospective church.
    Cold and rainy,rainy, rainy!
    I am off to go hear more funeral stuff.
    BTW, picture is beautimus! Love the gold shaw.
    And acording to all fashion gurus…you can never go wrong with the little black dress.

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