A Thousand Words

Cruise_photoIt was dress-up night on the cruise ship, and I was regretting the size of my carry-on luggage and wishing I had brought something a little more spectacular to wear, when Mid-Life Rookie offered me her gold shawl to throw over my black dress.

And she did more than that. As we gathered on our last afternoon, MLR and DogBlogger spoke to the group and said they had something for me. Perusing the photos from the formal night, they found this picture of me and wanted me to have it.

I am rarely speechless, as those who spent time with me on the cruise will attest (especially those who fell asleep to the sound of my voice). But in this case, a picture really was worth a thousand words.

(More to come.)

31 thoughts on “A Thousand Words”

  1. You are absolutely stunning. Thanks for welcoming me so warmly to the cruise. And thank you for your presence, your warmth was a comfort to me.

  2. you look great – and the lets not call it a diet – has really really paid off. You look happy too.
    blessings xx

  3. I have admired your spirit from blog afar for a while now. I was thrilled when we found a picture that lets it shine through. There were several of us standing there at the time and we all wished for you to have it. (((Songbird)))

  4. Beautiful, lovely, gorgeous! I was thinking I’d like to go next year, but I could never look as glamorous. . . .So glad you had fun!

  5. You know, beautiful though the picture is, you looked even better irl. Love you lots and soooo proud of you xxxx

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