Mark of Experience

Considering that in the weeks leading up to Easter I managed to weaken my back, arms and hands significantly by overdoing exercise geared to make me stronger, and considering that it made me have to stop and think about what a striver I seem to have become in the middle of my life, you won’t be surprised to hear I was prepared to take the program portion of the RevGalBlogPals Big Event seriously.

At the first meeting of the gathered group, our facilitator asked us each to draw a word from a deck of cards she had prepared. I thought of the Angel Cards I keep in a dish in my office and the words I so often draw, particularly "Responsibility." I shuffled the deck intently, determined to be open to whatever word the Spirit would move into my hands, earnest beyond belief.

I took a card and passed the deck along to Ruby, who had been watching me shuffle them so gravely, and I gingerly turned over the one in my hand.

The joke was on me.

My word was "Play."

So if you should hear I got up to shenanigans of one kind and another while off in the Gulf of Mexico, I hope you will remember that I was only following instructions.


And it’s only temporary.

(More to follow.)

36 thoughts on “Mark of Experience”

  1. Thanks for finding it! It took some effort to figure out how to use our ancient scanner and then to make a jpeg out of a bitmap…
    I’m going to write a post about it tomorrow.

  2. I love your new hair! And your smile! And you look even more fit- you can tell you have been working hard. Look how happy you look!

  3. My treasured friend! It was a delight to be with you and there is never enough time.
    Great picture! 🙂
    And the scanner…yeah. I’m scanner challenged!!

  4. Yay! That beautiful picture will always remind me of this trip. Beautiful picture, and beautiful you.

  5. I did so love that picture of you, and I’m glad you agree. It’s a great addition to your blog!
    Loved being with you again–you always inspire me.

  6. I like the tattoo – but I like the new profile pic even more! You look so wonderful in it!

  7. I’m with everyone else–love the “tattoo” but love the new profile pic even more! I can hardly believe that’s the same you–you look amazingly happy. 🙂

  8. The picture made me “oohhh” all over again. Not the tattoo… the elegant, beautiful one! Thanks for a lovely time!

  9. Songbird, you are a beauty inside and out. Blessings to you as you start your new adventure. may your ‘new chicks’ bring you love and lots of laughter and reasons to play and pray.

  10. Dear friend – it was such a pleasure and gift to be a part of your circle. I told you you would get theword that you would need! Blessings – and grace abounds!

  11. SMILE… PLAY indeed! And I like your new profile pic, too!
    Sounds like it was fun.
    sighing with envy…

  12. Well girl, I like the picture, and the new one on the side. Ya look good, it must be the play. I am so glad you played and I hope you keep playing.

  13. I love the tatoo and I LOVE the new picture of you. God is funny–play–hee hee hee! I’m so sad not to have been with all of you, but so glad it went well. Next year…I hope.

  14. I swear I’ve posted this twice already, but alsa it is MIA.
    Keep looking for placing to play. Birds always circle back to where they’re safe and where they’re fed, and where they can play with others in water.

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