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At Auntie Knickers’ suggestion:

I am in the midst of The Forsyte Saga, but since it was originally published as three books plus various short intervening pieces, I’ll give myself a little extra credit. I have finished the first book, The Man of Property, as well as the following interlude, Indian Summer of a Forsyte. This is a re-read, as I read The Man of Property many, many years ago (1982 or so) and then read this volume about five years ago around the time the series appeared on Masterpiece Theatre.

I don’t want this to turn into a review of the TV show or the long-ago movie, but let me just say that although Gina McKee is a wonderful actress, she is no Irene Heron Forsyte Forsyte. And, no, it’s not just because I first saw Greer Garson play the part.

John Galsworthy wrote the books, and I love his subtle humor and social commentary. But at its core, the book is deadly serious. Soames views Irene as property, *his* property, and it’s scary to think that even today, some men think of their wives/girlfriends as property. I point you to this story at Shakesville for a view on contemporary partner-as-property dynamics.

I’m afraid there is no time to write more, as I must finish packing. I have been packing all day, first to leave my office at Main Street Church (my boxes are now safely in my new office, where I will unpack them next week), and then to come home and pack for my journey to Nawlins tomorrow, where I will head out on the Big Event cruise with 20 other RevGalBlogPals on Thursday. I have a book packed, but it’s considerably lighter than the gigantic Forsyte Saga.

Back early next week!

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  1. Have a great trip! Wish I were going, but I knew from the get-go that the timing wouldn’t work with other life events 🙂

  2. Hi – its Ruby’s sister… bethie… she has turned me on to your blog and I l-o-v-e it!! Your life is amazing. xoxox b

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