Easter 2008

  Easter 2008 
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Here we are after church: Songbird, Snowman and the Princess. It was a beautiful morning. We’re at home enjoying the fragrance of basil as an Italian Easter dinner is in mid-preparation, under the skilled hands of my dear sister-in-law. We tried to stand the other way, looking into the sun, but that didn’t work out so well. Kudos to Pure Luck for getting any pictures at all where all our eyes were open.

It’s cold out, but the sun is shining.

Hope your Easter is beautiful, too.

20 thoughts on “Easter 2008”

  1. Lovely!
    Hey, it looks like the Princess has just about edged past you in height. Dang, now they’re all bigger than you!
    It is sunny here, too. And on it’s way to 89 degrees. My calendar must be broken.

  2. How beautiful you all look! And I’m mildly jealous of your tasty-sounding Easter dinner…enjoy the rest of your afternoon!

  3. look at you all snazzy for easter! i opted for basic black yet again… brr chilly morning. hope your afternoon & evening are relaxing…

  4. A sunny Easter! You’re beautiful together. Thanks for posting the picture. Easter blessings.

  5. Happy Easter (even if I’m writing it as the sun is setting on the holiday for you). You all look so happy!

  6. LOOK at YOU!!!!! WOWIE kazowie! Who is that hot chick in the uber cute outfit??? ;c)
    Hope your Easter was filled with light, love and joy. Hugs to you Songbird!

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