Finally, Writing It

Wholly Saturday

I find it hard to settle into writing this Easter message. It will be my final Sunday at Main Street Church, but we have said our formal good-byes (at least I hope so; I would be sorry to have Easter worship contain too much about me). My sermon style is very personal, and I'm wondering how to write something that comes authentically from me but is about them. Although I guess, really, I always try to do that, and generally succeed. The trouble this week has been the combination of Holy Week and a final week in the office has left little room for simply listening to what God wants from me on this occasion. Today is no different, as I try to combine sermon-writing with Easter dinner shopping and picking up something to wear tomorrow and cleaning the pertinent portions of the house. And maybe that's all I need to be talking about, after all: we strive in our preparations, and they have more to do with our family traditions than our theological reality. He is not here, he is risen, and although it's fine to stop and acknowledge the Resurrection in whatever way we find most appropriate, we need to remember that the Peeps are not the be-all and the ham dinner is not the end-all. These are moments of recollection and preservation, but the Resurrection is something else entirely.

In the Living the Questions DVD set, speaking about the Resurrection, Walter Brueggemann says, "Life is on the loose and cannot be restrained." That is both exciting and terrifying, isn't it?