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Something I’ve Missed Today, Something I’ll Miss Tomorrow

My sermon finished (or at least drafted), I find I’m avoiding home Easter preparations in favor of nostalgic musings.

One of the things I loved at Small Church was going over to the church on Holy Saturday in the morning to check in with the ladies arranging the flowers. Unlike Main Street Church, where the flowers are uniformly lilies, Small Church included all sorts of spring bulb flowers: narcissus, hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, even a few hydrangeas which the nursery school ladies and I struggled to keep alive until Sunday.

I miss them.

I am too far away from MSC to make a special trip, and anyway, it’s not quite the same. The lilies will be plentiful and beautiful and, for some, allergy-inducing, and it will be Easter. Over at Small Church, there may be some worry about who will show up with flowers this year, and at both churches there will be some stress over whether the list of names will be properly printed for the bulletin, because it’s always the person whose feelings will be most hurt whose name is inadvertently left off or misspelled, isn’t it?

I won’t hear about any of that this year, unless a word comes to my ear while I am packing up my office on Tuesday.

One of the other things I loved during my time at Small Church, and the centerpiece of my Easter experiences there, was the Sunrise Service at a gazebo in a city park overlooking the Bay here in City By the Sea. My Sunrise exposure was limited before I became a pastor, but I am a convert now. Main Street Church does not have one, and, again, I am too far away for it to be feasible. Next year in Retail Mecca…on behalf of the Church Without a Blog Name…I will participate in one again.

It’s the sort of thing that makes me look ahead with eagerness, knowing the sun will rise again.

3 thoughts on “Something I’ve Missed Today, Something I’ll Miss Tomorrow”

  1. You’ll teach them about sunrise services.
    Your friend, Rev. BirdDog, has a sunrise service every year on the beach near his church. No matter the weather, bugs or whatever, they worship watching the sun rise. Then back to the Church for a big breakfast cooked by the Men in the Church.
    My father took me to sunrise services at the Park when I was a child. I loved being with him!
    Happy Easter to you, Friend. I’ll see you soon!

  2. I had no interest in sunrise services as a child or teenager, but when I joined the choir at my current parish, taking part in them became a requirement, and I have been ever so grateful for learning about what a powerful experience they can be.

  3. In my old neighborhood in City of Lakes, the sunrise service was at the mausoleum in the Big Tony Cemetery. (Actually quite a lovely building I guess.) I just never wanted to go although it might have been quite appropriate. (By the way, you could just call it Main Street Church #2.)

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