Holy Days

A Brief Note about Things I am Doing Today

Dear friends,

Here is what I’m up to today:

  • Writing tonight’s meditation which I hope to post later
  • Performing my Admin’s tasks (including finishing Maundy Thursday bulletins and answering a million phone calls) because her son went to school this morning then promptly threw up
  • Rejoicing that his father can take care of him tomorrow when there are two more sets of bulletins to run
  • Talking with the organist
  • Dreaming of the famous cake Easter eggs from my childhood
  • Finalizing plans for Good Friday service
  • Finalizing Good Friday and Easter bulletins
  • Calling the spa where I have a massage scheduled Monday and turning it into a "Half Day of Self Care," including mani-pedi, massage and facial
  • Continuing to say good-bye to people
  • And, last but not least, wondering why an active church member who mistakenly schedules a Tupperware party for Maundy Thursday doesn’t re-schedule it or let invited church members off the hook?

Not sure why I’m bothering,

5 thoughts on “A Brief Note about Things I am Doing Today”

  1. tupperware and maundy thursday? mmmm… wow. tupperware’s older than i thought if it was on the table in the upper room holding the hyssop.

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