Crazy Busy

Holy ____ Week

I’m pretty busy this week.

I’m trying to keep up posting over at Reflectionary. Seems like the best thing I can to do get ready for Sunday.

If this is your Holy How Can I Do It All Week, how are you holding up?

It feels like an important question on the day between two 12-hour days.

I’m working from home today, planning on a long walk with my husband, and looking forward to a meeting with my semi-monthly clergywomen’s group this afternoon. In between, before and after, I’ll draft some thoughts for my Maundy Thursday message, discuss Good Friday music with Snowman and make a hospital visit.

In a quest for maintaining sanity, or perhaps a display of the absolute opposite, I’m trying to finish the second sock of a pair won in the church auction by a member of Main Street Church. I have been hampered by my numb and painful hands, but I think I can do it before Sunday, or certainly before next Tuesday, my moving day.  Hope they dry fast when I block them.

There is something soothing about a hand task when I am engaged in so much church this week, the personalities and the details and the thinking of deep thoughts. My favorite part of yesterday had to be figuring out what to do with the bare birch tree that has been part of our Lenten sanctuary and deciding to use it as the focal point for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Were you there when they nailed him to the tree? I hope the tree will help make it palpable.

(We won’t even mention navigating the choppy waters of parenting a 12-year-old who is "going out" with someone for the first time.)

Feel free to share your strategies or disciplines in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Holy ____ Week”

  1. I like your poster. No strategies to offer (no experience!) but even way out here in the west, I know you well enough to know you and the Princess will find your way…but in the meantime, *hugs*

  2. Oh my golly, “going out.” No advices, but sympathies.
    Hang in there. Knitting has charms to soothe the savage breast, no?

  3. In our two-clergy-and-one-baby household, our strategy so far seems to be not cooking supper. I don’t recommend it.
    Peace to you in your last week at this church, and in the brave new world of “going out.”

  4. I’m paddling like hell….all the bulletins are finished–my part of them any way, and I’ve worked out most of the liturgical details for Friday and Saturday. And tomorrow I plan to work at home to get a start on my three sermons-two different ones for Friday and one for the vigil on Saturday night.
    Lots of frozen pizza here for dinner. And trying to go to bed early enough to get plenty of sleep.

  5. Not sure I was staying afloat till lovely session with Spir Dir today and then Taize service tonight
    I still have one service unwritten AND 2 sermons, and the prospect of being up all night with the youth group to negotiate…and non stop church for most of the rest of my life (exaggerate? me???)
    We will just gibber together next week…
    No advice at all re young love…mine were very very late to date…just lots of good wishes to all concerned 🙂

  6. I woke up with teh Bleh this morning, of the stomach flu variety. Spending the day in bed with chills and body aches was not part of my holy week agenda. But it is what it is.
    At this point, I think my strategy is to just get through it all.

  7. around here, the twelve year old “going out” consists of texting – A LOT – wiht one person… but Mr Incredible did panic a bit in the beginning. I took on a brainless craft project today to have something to do with my hands this week that actually shows progress – as opposed to the seemingly endless march of services travel through to get to Easter.

  8. I don’t know how you all (RevGals) do it. Also, I hope the socks raised a lot of money for the church. I recently had a discussion with a friend who had made me some socks and she said the yarn she uses costs $20 a skein and it takes 20-30 hours of knitting — ajua!

  9. Like ElastiGirl and you, I’m crafting, or in this case, making a cat pad for the LLS’s kitties. Making something calms me down.
    “Going out” means texting and phone talking. Around here, it’s often over before I know about it.
    Sitting with Molly and Sam may be a peaceful moment.

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