Acts, Peter

A Letter to Peter

(Easter A    Acts 10:34-43)


Then Peter began to speak to them: "I truly understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him. (Acts 10:34-35)

Dear Peter,

I'm thinking about all my favorite stories about you. I love the way you tell Jesus you are not worthy but drop the net and go anyway. I love the way you want to build those booths for Moses and Elijah and Jesus. I love the way you try to talk Jesus out of his destiny, and I love it that even though he snaps at you (Get behind me, Satan!), you stick with him instead of blowing out of there.

PictjesuswashfeetI love how honestly you answer the notion that he might wash your feet, and I love it that you let him wash them anyway.

I even love you when you say you do not know him, although it pains me every time I read it or see it in a movie or hear it on a recording. When we get to that reading on Maundy Thursday, I know I will cringe, because I will see myself in you. I will see so many human tendencies reflected in you.

And just as I know in my higher mind that the Resurrection will follow the Crucifixion, but still feel the despair of Good Friday keenly, I look at where you ended up but still suffer with you in the moment the cock crows.

I think about how John says you ran into the tomb to see if you could find him. I think about the way you jumped into the water and swam to the shore to see him. I think about the way you spoke in front of crowds just seven weeks later, a long way from hiding in the Upper Room. I think about your dream, your beautiful dream, the way you learned that all people are included in the embrace of God's love and the salvation found in Jesus Christ.

If I could go back to your time and meet you, I would. You could tell me how it really happened, clear up the mysteries. I know you could do it, because you were most definitely a talker.

Oh, Peter! You give me hope.