Use Your Words

During the children’s message today we talked about words we use to show we are excited, words we use to cheer others or celebrate something. Of course we were heading toward shouting "Hosanna" but along the way we discovered some generational differences. The oldest among us responded heartily to "Hip Hip" with "Hooray!" The next generation down suggested "Yippee!" The middle-aged geeks among us thought of "Huzzah!"  My oldest supplied the suggestion "Woohoo!"

We talked, too, about how it feels to be on the receiving end of applause and cheers. We were all quick to say it would feel good or exciting, but I was looking for more. I knew #1 Son, as an actor, would have some thoughts about this, and although he is a bit past being one of the children, he answered from the pew. I looked his way and asked the question again, "How would it feel?" and he answered, "Humbling."


It’s humbling to realize how much other people care, or that they admire you or rely upon you.

After the service they gave us a going-away luncheon; so many people attended that they needed to set up an extra table. Pure Luck turned up, and Molly attended, too. They gave us gifts. They stood and applauded me. But most importantly they used words to express feelings of appreciation.

At the luncheon, the Diaconate Chair quoted a somewhat daunting piece of scripture:

" People who do know their God will do strong exploits." (Daniel 11:32, haven’t figured out which version)

Wow. Exploits? Huh. Exploits.

I think of myself as softer than exploits, and perhaps that explains why the word struck me, especially in combination with "strong." Over the past year I have identified strengths that matter to my ministry, and I’m grateful to the people at Main Street Church whose affirmation confirmed them.

Huzzah and Hosanna!

8 thoughts on “Use Your Words”

  1. Huzzah indeed! I’m so glad that your ministry has been appreciated as it so richly deserves to be…How lovely to have that affirmation as we start the marathon that is Holy Week 🙂 xxx

  2. How wonderful to be able to soak up so much love and appreciation. Humbling indeed. I know they will miss you so very much and will never forget the role you played in their transition time.

  3. And woo-hoo! How wonderful you were able to use your strengths in this interim ministry, and that this was so appreciated. May this continue as you move into your next mnistry!

  4. wow… could it be that God’s speaking to you in those words? how exciting!

  5. Exploits? Wow. And yet, there’s something appropriate about it; for me it captures the idea that your actions may be at the center of something much larger, spreading further than you can see.
    Academic that I am, I had to go and look up the etymology, to learn that exploit is descended from the Latin explicitum, or explicit. And I like that even more, because it makes the verse make more sense to me — the idea of a strong explicit action contrasted with the grand gestures that are so tempting, but in the end, so inexplicit.
    So I say onward and upward with your strong exploits. w00t!

  6. Amen to what has already been said. Thanks be to God for you and your ministry, and for this congregation’s appreciation.

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