Blogger Meet-Ups

Paws (and Shoes) of Bloggage

Today, Molly and I traveled to a not-quite-neighboring state for a meet-up with a "retired" blogger we had never met before, and a blogger-on-hiatus-at-the-moment who we know very well. Molly would like you to know that dogs really ought to be allowed in restaurants, but other than that disappointment on her part, it was a lovely experience all round.

Four Bloggers Meet Semi-Anonymously

We took some traditional Blogger Shoe Photos, but when Molly started "wrooing," video did seem appropriate. Hope you enjoy a snippet of our day.

18 thoughts on “Paws (and Shoes) of Bloggage”

  1. OMG! I love that! I love her paw in with the rest of you. I love how she talks!!

  2. Oh, I love the foot movie! Bless you for taking it (and putting it and the pictures up so quickly).
    And oh, what a wonderful lunch! I had so much fun, and I only wish that our unnamed location weren’t quite so far away!

  3. mochajava puppy was intrigued by molly’s comments and now is in a snit wondering why i have not posted video(s) of him… oy!

  4. I love that we couldn’t stop giggling. But it is just too awesome that Molly really does say “wroo.”
    It was a wonderful lunch — many thanks to all the participants. Including Molly!

  5. Oh, I totally have meet-up envy.
    Hmm. Your blog has been inspiring a lot of deadly sin on my part lately. Can’t wait to find out about the lust and gluttony in that latest book you’re reading…

  6. Merroooooooooooooooo from our house to yours. Nice to see you Molly. You were in great voice.
    And please PLEASE enjoy teh RevGal cruise. (sighing enviously) And please PLEASE PLEASE at least take pictures of the drink you have in my honor (sorry your nickel) with a little umbrella in the top!
    Here’s to a warm and sunny time with RevGal friends…

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