You Be the Judge

Do you watch our favorite shows?

#1 Son is home and tonight, while The Princess is off at a choral rehearsal, we are watching an old episode of Battlestar Galactica.

He says, "This is SO much better than Lost."

I say, "Is it?"

He says, "Yes!"

I say, "At its best, maybe."

He says, "It’s more consistent."

I say, "I’ll tell you if I agree with that when they wrap everything up."

Then there is a flashback to Gaius and his interior 6 in the "previously" and I am into it once again.

So, what do you think? Is Battlestar Galactica better than Lost?

21 thoughts on “You Be the Judge”

  1. Well, the old Battlestar Gallactica with Lorne Greene, I’d have to say is not as good as Lost.
    I haven’t seen the new one. The cast is fantastic and the parts of it I’ve seen are really really well done. I’ll have to check it out and see.

  2. never watched BG – but the Manchild LOVES Lost – even watches it on the computer if he misses it & forgets to TiVo. BTW – what happened to having to wait until the re-run in the summer to catch up on what was missed?!

  3. I’ve never watched either one. I thought I might have been the only one, but I see there are others.

  4. I tried to get into Lost, but couldn’t find it compelling at all — too much back and forth; and Abrams didn’t convince me that the show is about anything but finding new ways to mess with viewers’ heads.
    BSG: SO much better, though the third season was, as #1 Son says, inconsistent.

  5. Hmmm. Great question. I love both, though I’m feeling a bit better about Lost this season than I was last season, and I haven’t seen Season 3 of BSG yet (I’m catching up via DVDs).
    Lost is truly a head game show, while BSG is just good old drama that happens to be set in science fiction land. I think the thing I love most about BSG is that it’s not about warp cores or phasers or lightsabers; it’s all about people, relationships and ethics. Technobabble gets old after a while.

  6. Scott, did you watch Firefly? It’s always the personal relationships I’m looking for in these shows that are inclined to violence, since I have to look away when there is blood. (Lots of looking away on Firefly, therefore.)
    I’ve recently been watching the early seasons of Lost with my daughter, and I know without a doubt it was the third episode that grabbed me, when John Locke arose from the beach, able to walk, and began helping people. His “resurrection” kept me coming back.
    With Battlestar, it was the reveal of the unexpected Cylon at the end of the pilot. Knowing there was more to the established characters than met the eye pulled me in tighter.

  7. I love them both. Probably because their discussion/theme, to me anyway, seems to concentrate on what it means to be human. Fully human. In that sense, BG runs circles around Lost. BG also plays with our heads about God-talk–or gods talk. Yet, Lost is er…well…lost in mythology, lots of it, from everywhere. So, as I said, I like them both–they intrigue me.

  8. I watch Lost and BSG on dvd (although neither of them compare with Firefly, which is so. great! Thanks for bringing it up – that will be my vacation watching, I think… already ready for easter to be over, can you tell?)
    I’m kind of over both of them right now, though, because I started watching reruns of northern exposure and remembered the a show doesnt have to scare me to death to be fascinating. Which both Lost and BSG manage to do pretty regularly.

  9. o.k. maybe i need to start watching bsg. my husband does and loves it. i’m hooked on lost. i loved firefly though that surprised me given that i do not like westerns or sci. fi. usually.
    so… my vote is for lost, by default. but… you’re making me wonder.

  10. Chorus – were you SO FREAKING MAD at NBC when they pulled Studio 60 so quickly? Because we were. Sure, it wasn’t West Wing, but it was smart, witty and a heckuva lot better than almost everything NBC has done since.
    Songbird – I haven’t caught Firefly yet but I’m sure I’ll get to it someday. It’s like books – so many, so little time…

  11. Scott, you will love it. And I don’t know about Chorus, but I was VERY disappointed about Studio 60. In fact, it was while watching Studio 60 that I coined the phrase “Highbrow Family Values.” 🙂

  12. I’m saying a hearty YES. Lost makes me crazy – too many rabbit trails they never follow. Now if they really tie it all up, I’ll be impressed. I gave up on Lost some time ago.

  13. Interesting question. Me, personally? Right now I’m gonna give the edge to Lost since Battlestar Galactica’s last season was kinda disappointing (as was the Battlestar Galactica: Razor movie). At the moment, Lost seems to have gotten back on course – they have a real direction in their storytelling going on this season. Of course, I could conceivably change my mind once the new season of Battlestar Galactica starts up again. 🙂

  14. Binsky, I agree, Razor was pretty disappointing. Have you seen the BSG recap on YouTube? It’s frakkin’ hilarious.

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