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Where is My Calendar?

Bernese_calendarFor the past several years, *every* year someone in the family gave me a Bernese Mountain Dog calendar for Christmas. This year, though, no calendar appeared. I meant to get one, but I kept forgetting. Now it’s March, and I have finally recycled the old one (not an easy thing to do; those dogs are cute!).

On our refrigerator there is a big, blank rectangle where beautiful dogs ought to be on display, but if there were a calendar hanging, it would look something like this:

March 8 — #1 Son due home, rehearsal for tomorrow’s worship drama

March 9 — Spring ahead, darn it! Also afternoon meeting of advisory group for Rock and Roll Church

March 10 — Give the Opening Prayer for the State Senate; anticipate Pure Luck’s arrival home late in the day. (!!!!!)

March 11 — Take Molly to specialty vet for consultation about acupuncture.

March 12 — Take Molly to orthopedic surgeon for consult; Interim Ministers meeting to the north, Mission Committee meeting to the South; lots of driving all day long.

March 13 — Appointment to have hair "conditioned," as a friend puts it, because despite all this effort to grow out my hair, I find I’m depressed by being grey. (Maybe we ought to file this one under midlife crisis.)

March 14 — Blogger Meet-Up of Major Importance to Me!! One of the bloggers has already become a real-life friend, but the other, Oh! I’ve wanted to meet her for at least two years now.

March 16 — Palm Sunday — need I say more?  #1 Son goes back to school; Snowman arrives home for his break.

March 17 — Another blogger meet-up, this one with Christine from Abbey of the Arts!

March 18 — Final meeting with Main Street Church’s Council

March 20 — Maundy Thursday; 2nd appointment with new Massage Therapist who is trying to sort out my back issues.

March 21 — Good Friday

March 22 — Desperate attempt to vault from Good Friday to getting the guy out of the tomb

March 23 — Utter disbelief that Easter is so early. Desperate attempt to avoid Easter Candy and cakes in shape of eggs.

March 24 — Pedicure

March 25 — Pack up office and move books to new church (no nickname yet, give me time)

March 26 — Fly to New Orleans!!! Convince will smama there is no reason to be afraid!

March 27 — Embark on RevGalBlogPals’ Big Event cruise! Meet up with friends old and new! Room with childhood friend, Ruby!

March 29 — Pure Luck leaves for next job, while I visit Cancun. I hope he won’t be thinking about that.

March 31 — Snowman leaves for school, I return home.


There’s a chance we’ll be adding a surgery for Molly to this schedule, and I can’t even think about that right now. Lots to look forward to, lots to celebrate and lots to complete on this list of dates.  Somewhere in here hope to get some exercise…maybe it will finally thaw enough for long walks to be on the list while Pure Luck is home. I am off the weight-lifting temporarily until the numbness in my hands resolves or at least improves, though I’m pretty sure I hurt myself lifting Molly, not lifting the weights.

I’m sitting on a ledge (hopefully not as lasting as a plateau) where weight is concerned, despite drinking massive quantities of water and tracking faithfully. But I will not let that drop off my calendar, even in all this busy-ness.

I have some knitting deadlines, but those projects are coming slowly due to the hand numbness. I did about two inches on a second mitten for The Princess yesterday, and I have a sock to finish for a church member at Main Street Church as well as hat(s) for a Ravelry knit-along.

I’m not sure why I’ve written all this down. I’m busy. I bet you are, too. Let’s wave to each other as we pass!

7 thoughts on “Where is My Calendar?”

  1. Grey hair scale: which robs more peace….being depressed about being grey? Or fretting about issues surrounding coloring hair?
    I color mine and think no more of it.
    And you’re a busy lady. With mostly good things. Showers of blessings for sure. And I hope Molly will be all right.

  2. Dye your hair with no regrets.
    There is a certain nun that I know with remarkably dark hair despite being 80. She says she colors her hair as a sign to God that she’s not ready to retire yet.

  3. I love my silver hair, but I feel lonely b/c very few are comfortable with embracing the grey–and you should do what makes you feel good about yourself!
    Yes, it is a busy few weeks coming up…we all need strength for the journey.
    Hope Molly is okay.

  4. As you know, I’m in Rev. Dr. Mom’s camp, but to each her own. Can’t wait to see you soon, whatever color your hair is!
    Busy here too, of course. I finally took a few minutes to write a little, though the topics I chose were no longer very topical.
    I’m praying for Molly and her elbow.

  5. Almost every for the past twelve I’ve given my mom a Boxer calendar (dogs, not humans!) for Christmas. The one year I didn’t, she said “where’s my Boxer calendar?” Seems marking all of the birthdays and other special days came to be a part of her new year routine. Now I give her the coveted, “365 days of Boxers” calendar.
    Hope Molly’s surgery goes well.

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