The Sound of Dry Bones

What is the sound of dry bones, typing?

In my continuing saga of laptop troubles, I wrote about Ezekiel this morning, only to lose the post when my computer kicked me off MY OWN WIRELESS NETWORK.

I'll try to re-create it later, but for now I'm glad to say my new Dell Inspiron is on order and scheduled for delivery later this week.

(Posted from the desktop my kids use…)

3 thoughts on “The Sound of Dry Bones”

  1. I’m sorry you lost your post. But the new header on your blog is lovely–very ethereal.

  2. Ooh, you don’t type them right into the blog software, do you? That’s so dangerous. You might try using a word processor until the piece is finished. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what happened. But losing something I’ve written is one of my big horrors.

  3. I have done, but I think I won’t anymore! I’m still trying to get back to those Monday thoughts, with no success!

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