Oh the Snow, It Snoweth Every Day


It snowed again yesterday, and I faithfully shoveled to the best of my ability, the heavy snow that contained eventual rain.

There is a tree there on one side of my driveway near the street, limiting the amount of snow one can pile, and since my driveway is shared with my neighbor, D, I cannot throw to the other side. I would also remind you that I am 5 feet tall and the original mound of snow is at least 6 feet tall. So after the plow created a new mound last week, I began building on it, even though it was further out into the road.

Last night the city plow came by and knocked apart the mountain of snow at the foot of my driveway.

Dsc00771Where I ought to be backing out there is now a 3 foot snowball. Or rather, an iceball.

I am grateful for that "other half" of the driveway, as I will have to scoot around this and get to church this morning, then come back and deal with Frosty the SnowBall later.

Sermon over here, for those who like that sort of thing.

And more pictures below:




15 thoughts on “Oh the Snow, It Snoweth Every Day”

  1. I still wonder why folks live where there is such a mess! I’m a wimp. But then again, there are activity points out there with that shoveling.
    It will be in the 70s here today and it is glorious.

  2. I HAVE NEVER seen a ice/snowball of that size! WOW! And this from a hard core Minnesotan. Blessings as you persevere.

  3. I must say this year, even I feel bad for you. By that I mean you have had it worse this year than I have, and that is surely saying something!
    If I lived 12 or 13 hours closer, I would be over to help you after church!

  4. A couple of blowdryers and some extension cords?
    I know, I’m from L.A. What do I know from giant snowballs?

  5. I feel for ya, Songbird. Luckily I don’t have a giant, cement-like snowball, but it’s like clockwork: as soon as you finish shoveling the plows come by and deposit the salt-laden snow and slush from the street that weighs about ten times more than even the heaviest of snows.
    If this gives you any comfort: I’m on a hill, the houses are very close together, so there’s no place at all to put the snow for half of my very long & narrow driveway since the house abuts the cement and a cement retaining wall is on the opposite side of the roughly 6′-wide driveway. So either I have to lift the show and deposit it on top of the mountain of snow on the retaining wall side (the *base* of said mountain being about two feet above my driveway) or push it clear to the front or back of the house. Good exercise, but neither is a fun option.
    It’s pushing 50 today, and things are finally melting again. Spring is near. I can feel it.

  6. We had 70s sunny weather yesterday, and today it is nasty blowing snow and rain. Miserable.
    But no snowballs by the curb. Just slushpuddles.

  7. Wow. I wouldn’t mind having that kind of snow out here in my western metropolis every once in a while. But I hope you were able to clean it up easily enough.

  8. how could you even move something like that without some major equipment? many condolances.

  9. Do you have city snow removal (as in, the town comes around with what I still call steam shovels and dumptrucks and actually takes the snow away)? We do, and apparently it’s about to happen again. I hope so as OHP didn’t get around to shoveling the carriage walk that I use to get to the street with Rusty. Today the sidewalk was OK to walk on, but who knows about tomorrow! Somehow, I feel that spring is actually coming. Maybe it’s just the earlier light in the morning (or maybe it’s just wishful thinking) but really, it won’t be long before we are surprised by the joy of forsythia bushes around every corner and the feel of warmer air on our faces.

  10. BRRRR!!
    Still growing pansies and camellias here, and now the azaleas are peeking out. Come on down!

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