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This is More About Writing

As the snow flies outside this morning, I'm contemplating how I want to present what I want to present tomorrow. I realize I haven't blogged about the gospel lesson itself this week. This may reflect my ambivalence about creating a text for tomorrow. This will be my last regular sermon at the church I'm serving now. Next week there will be a worship drama (something I wrote about Mary, Martha and Lazarus; if you might like to use it, send me an e-mail, I'm glad to share it if credited) and no sermon. My final two weeks are Palm Sunday and Easter, days that attract irregular attenders and which feel much larger than the particular, local issues of a pastoral transition.

So tomorrow is the day for doing some wrap-up, and I almost wonder if it isn't better done informally? Could I come prepared with a few stories to tell and a reflection on the theme of how are eyes are opened, the different ways it can happen?

It's a Communion meditation, and I try to keep those to about 75% of the length of a typical sermon.

Now, I realize I'm probably just kidding myself when I consider being more informal, which to me means not writing a text. I have never, ever done it. Ever. Even when I meant to do it. I always end up with a manuscript, and while I occasionally step back from it, I depend upon it, for good or for ill.

More later.

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  1. My preaching professor taught us very strongly that a preacher NEEDS a manuscript–not necessarily to use it in the pulpit, but that one needs to be written. Once written, if it’s a tool in the pulpit, great. But if it’s a hindrance to have it in the pulpit, it needs to not be there. That always makes me feel better about being a manuscript type preacher–though I’m generally still very tied to it.

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