The Injury in Question

Boxers_fracture#1 Son has a boxer’s fracture.

It’s not clear to me how an actor gets a boxer’s fracture, but I’m told that a piece of foam intended to cushion a blow had "too much give."

I guess it’s more of a bar fight injury for most people, since my research suggests the treatment may include ice, elevation and hangover remedies. You might also get a boxer’s fracture by punching a file cabinet or a wall. I kid you not.

After a visit to an orthopedist today, #1 Son is wearing a hard cast that will be on for four weeks. His thumb and first two fingers are free, but his right ring finger and pinkie are entrapped for the duration.

If all goes well, it will come off about two weeks before his final performances at Hiptastic University. He is also working on his thesis, due shortly after the play closes, and there is no question that the injury will hamper his writing and typing.

It’s hard on the mother to be so far away, but he managed to meet with the doctor and reach a decision about his treatment, and I must remember that he will be 22 next week.

Okay, I’ve picked my self up off the floor.

Your prayers and healing thoughts for #1 Son are certainly appreciated

15 thoughts on “The Injury in Question”

  1. Prayers, of course.
    (I had the same injury — except on the fourth metacarpal instead of the fifth — once. I got mine in a car accident, from slamming my face against my hand, which was on the steering wheel. I do remember that it healed after four weeks and was perfectly fine after the cast came off.)

  2. Oh goodness, poor guy! And poor mom! I’m glad that he’ll be cast-less for his final performance, but what a bummer for his last semester. (But now at least he’ll be able to talk some day about “my old acting injury.”)

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