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iWorld Continued…

Palm_centro_pnkI’m not sure how much power I have in the face of something so cute.

I swear, I did not go looking for it. I was leafing through a magazine, and it appeared out of nowhere.

But how much more than a phone is the expense of having these things month to month? Naturally the Sprint website does not want to make it clear to me.

Help me resist.

Help me resist.

(No, really.)

Help me.


26 thoughts on “iWorld Continued…”

  1. Clearly, you have not seen my current pink phone. Or the one before that. I love the pink phones. This was actually the most reasonably priced upgrade amongst the choices at Sprint, which is my cell phone service.
    So, no, not helping yet.

  2. Umm….my lovely lovely pink phone has just died, and the temporary replacement till my upgrade reminds me of a life belt, as it is white and plasticy with a red strip (n*k*i*a* boredom model) so I fear I’m almost as susceptible as you….BUT, would you really and truly use all its techie wonders? If you have camera/mp3 player etc then you probably won’t…if not…well…I’d struggle too xx

  3. Well, I don’t even have a cell phone at all. This makes me weird; I took a survey the other day that asked “When do you replace your cell phone?” and had 3 or 4 choices, none of which was “Never because I don’t have one.” I have imagined having the Internet always with me (and it usually is since I don’t get out much, I can’t feature using it while walking the dog) but wouldn’t that just make my memory atrophy faster because I wouldn’t be remembering what I wanted to look up? I’d say resist. Oh, and resist text messaging above all. I just heard on NPR that that’s where the companies are making most of their money now.
    Just finished Pym’s Crampton Hodnet. An early work and quite fun.

  4. Can’t help you either, except to say that after fondling and caressing the new Mac Air laptop at the Apple store, knowing that I had the cash to buy it right then and there, recognizing the incredible attraction and affection I felt instantaneously…I walked away.
    So…it CAN happen…but really,,,,
    ,,,go for it,,,,

  5. I did upgrade to the ‘crackberry’ as you call it about a week ago. My husband was going to go to the iPhone and since it’s cheaper to share a plan for phone minutes I had to get a new phone no matter what because we were switching carriers. I decided on this because of the pda features (calendar, address book, etc) which I can use with just the phone minutes plan. I’m using the internet/email feature for now to decide if in the long run it will be worth the $30 additional a month for just that feature. (AT&T is the service provider–don’t know if Sprint is comparable.)

  6. Sorry. I’m no help. I love techno-gadgets. I’m in the market for a new phone myself and am anxiously watching Verizon’s rotating sales. And this one really is cute . . .

  7. Pink. Love the pink. Just make sure you check out how crisply the screen displays a web page. I don’t know about you, but my eyes don’t focus like they once did.
    Witter has an iPhone and it’s gorgeous, but my Palm Treo is pretty awesome, too. And way less expensive. I think his iPhone has an even higher monthly cost than other smartphones.

  8. So why is your son telling you “no”…the Kid is always encouraging me to get the newest thing. Although he would not like it if I got an iPhone unless he got one, too, and there’s no way I could afford that!
    Sorry, I’m no help in resisting…

  9. Smile… I’m going to be no help. Because, so help me, I love my new mobile web capable phone… great for sitting in chairs waiting at the hospital. Great for the odd 15 minutes here and there in mom-like chauffeur duty…
    Come to the dark side…
    Come to the dark side…

  10. Resist. Sheesh. You’re my last best hope against this stuff: I don’t have one and don’t see the draw; my school-granted laptop is a time sucker enough. Go buy a cd you love and rock out to it instead. Or pink shoes.
    How connected is TOO connected?

  11. my beloved gave me a palm pilot once. i used to put stickie-notes inside the cover, to remember things. seriously. i was glad when it crashed — such a burden lifted.

  12. Mmm, well, I think that all I will say is that my lovely, normally sensible friend Graphics Design has an iPhone, and she has been talking enthusiastically about how organized it allows her to be.
    Except that last Saturday she was so busy playing with the themes and features that she missed turns, forgot to go grocery shopping (the purpose of the errand that we were on), and lost the grocery list that her partner had sent her with.
    I love her completely, and she’s terribly intelligent — but this time, her actions seemed to speak louder than her praises…

  13. No help here – I just got one of these thing-a-ma-jiggers (not nearly this cute) and LOOOVVVE it. I mean, I can be driving down the road and checking to see if my friend Songbird has posted lately ALL AT THE SAME TIME. What more do you want than that?
    And BTW, I’ve been having trouble accessing your page since that little recording rectangle went up a few posts ago. Every time I come over I’m prompted about some sort of MIME or something – I don’t know, didn’t know you did mime. Anyway, I may be the only one, but thought you might want to know.

  14. tyd, thanks for letting me know! I’ve taken the mp3 out of the post.
    I must admit, that in this era of my laptop kicking itself off wireless networks that ought to be friendly, the idea of a device in my purse that will get me to Gmail is pretty appealing.

  15. It’s pink.
    It works with the service and computer that you have (though an iPhone would really be lots more fun..just sayin’)
    And you’re going to spend a lot of time on it, so you need something you’re gonna like.
    And it’s pink.
    Get it.

  16. Oh NO! Its pink. Songbird I’m not going to be much help. It PINK!!! But I will say that it is good for my soul that I cannot get my e-mail all day long. I would stop talking to people. Our house phone went down for about a week and I have ot admit it was wonderful that no one coudl call us at home. Just wonderful. Now, I was also happy when I heard it ring today.
    Its pink. wow!

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