When the Wind Changes

On Sunday, the Search Committee Chair at Main Street Church called to
tell me that they had called a candidate to extend an offer and been
accepted! This is a candidate I had a chance to meet in person last
month, and I am delighted for all of them, as this feels like a good
fit. (Also, she is a knitter, and that is always a fine recommendation.)

Over the past year I’ve told many people that I subscribe to a Mary
Poppins theory of Interim Ministry. If you remember the children’s book
or the Disney movie, you know that Mary Poppins arrived to a household
in a state of disruption, not unlike any church in transition. While she
stayed with the Banks family, Mary Poppins performed two tasks. First,
she performed her assigned tasks of care for the children to the highest
standard: her own. Second, she held up a mirror for the parents and the
children, helping them to understand themselves better and appreciate
each other more. It has been my hope to do these things for the people at Main Street Church, to keep
pastoral care and leadership going in an effective way while at the same
time helping them to see themselves clearly and, particularly, to
understand and value appropriately their many gifts.

It’s a strange feeling as things wind down for me at Main Street Church. I have been looking ahead at the same time I’ve been actively engaged here. As it turns out, my end date, which was already determined, works well with the availability of the new pastor, who will come and preach her candidating sermon while I am at the RevGalBlogPals Big Event.

I’m happy for them all, but I also I find I am a little wistful.

Easter will be our final Sunday together, as I pack up and
move on to my next Interim call, much like Mary Poppins judging that the
wind has changed, the family is in good hands, and it is time to pack
her carpet bag and open her umbrella and be on her way.

21 thoughts on “When the Wind Changes”

  1. What a wonderful attitude–I hope the Easter season is a restorative ending for your time at this pulpit, and happy flying on to the next.

  2. Prayers for you in the turbulence of transition, and for the congregation, and their new minister. You have done good, and needed, work there.

  3. Easter Sunday is going to carry alot for both of us this year, my friend…so glad that you feel comfortable with your successor (and very glad indeed that we will do our transition time together)

  4. Great analogy although admittedly it did cause me to giggle when I thought of Pure Luck dancing with the rest of the chimney sweeps.

  5. I think Mary Poppins is a wonderful model for interim ministry!
    Prayers and good wishes for you as you transition to your next call.

  6. We could call you Mary Poppinjay!!! (if a poppinjay is a songbird.)
    Your next interim call……I’ll bet southern California a church here that really really needs you!

  7. We could call you Mary Poppinjay! (If a poppinjay is a songbird)
    I’ll bet there’s a church here in Southern California that really really needs you!
    (I tried to leave this comment once before. Sorry if it shows up twice)

  8. What a beautiful image of interim ministry. I hope I have the benefit of following a pastor as thoughtful and talented as you. I look forward to hearing what new things this will bring your way.

  9. I think this is the most perfect analogy of what an interim minister should be/do. Wish you could come to my church for 18 months…. want to relocate and become Episcopalian? :c)

  10. Being an interim pastor is such an important calling and so needed in many churches. My denomination does not take advantage of interims very often – wish they did. I was layleader at a church about 12 years ago when we did have an interim and it made all the difference! You are doing good work, Songbird, aka – Mary P…

  11. now it’s time to sing the words of the doxology to the tune Chim Chim Cherie

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