My Presidential Answers

My answers to my own questions!

1. Can you name the American Presidents we are honoring? Bonus: Any idea when their real birthdays are? (Don’t look it up.)

Naturally, I knew this one. Washington and Lincoln are the Presidents whose birthdays used to be separately observed. I knew Lincoln’s birthday was February 12th, but I would have been wrong about Washington’s, which is the 22nd according to some of our clever players. I thought it was the 24th for some reason. (See, I really didn’t look it up.)

2. Why do you suppose car sales are an important aspect of our
President’s Day observations in the U.S.? (Feel free to be whimsical.)

So that we can vroom into the future? Seriously, I have no idea. When did this get started?

3. Have you ever been President of a club or organization? How did that feel?

Yes. I was President of the A Capella Choir in high school, and I’m not sure why that group needed a President, except perhaps when it came to organizing refreshments for events. More recently, I was President of an ecumenical board, the first woman ever to preside at that table. It was not a pleasant experience, as some of the long-serving men were resistant to having a woman chair the meetings. My final meeting as President ended with an insult from one of them. I had intended to remain on the board as Vice-President, but the incident influenced my decision to resign a few months later.

4. If you could have dinner with any President of the United States no
longer living, who would it be? Any particular questions you would like
to ask?

Ah, no question, it would have to be Thomas Jefferson. As a Monticello-visiting daughter of a Jeffersonian Democrat from Virginia (whatever that was supposed to mean circa 1970), I would love to talk with him. First, I would love to hear what his voice sounded like; what was his accent? I would like to talk about religion with him. I would like to hear him talk about writing the Declaration of Independence. And if I could meet two, I would like to have John Adams at the table as well.

5. On a more serious note, what are the qualities you hope for in our
next President?

Other than leaving comments on my blog?

Intelligence, compassion, humility and vision are the primary characteristics I would hope for in a President.

Thanks to those who played! I enjoyed reading your answers.

5 thoughts on “My Presidential Answers”

  1. Re #1: I knew they were the 12th and 22nd, but I wasn’t sure which was which.
    #4: Andrew Jackson seems like a wild and crazy guy. Or, you know, a maniac. Either way, the party wouldn’t be boring. Or Teddy Roosevelt for approximately the same reasons. Maybe he and Jackson could duke it out.
    #5: We have been awfully short on intelligence and humility since 2000. I’m afraid we won’t be getting any humility out of the current crop of candidates. Too bad, but maybe you can’t be terribly humble and run for President. No matter who gets elected, we’ll be getting more intelligence.

  2. I guess by humility I mean the self-awareness to recognize being in over one’s head, the willingness to ask for help and advice when needed. (Which is a whole different thing from doing exactly what Cheney tells you to do.)

  3. There was a piece on NPR this afternoon about this day being for *all* the Presidents. I never heard that before. I still think of it as Washington and Lincoln.

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