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No Mo Mocha Update

As regular readers will recall, I decided in a moment of nearly incapacitating insanity to give up mochas for Lent.

So, it has been 8 days now, and I have both remembered the dispensation for Sundays, complete with a visual memory of Ruby with what must have been a giant bottle of Pepsi back in our high school days, and gotten back on the horse promptly the next day. And, no, I did not consume two liters of mocha on Sunday. And yes, it tasted really good. And yes, I do believe it had mood-altering effects, although I’m not sure it was responsible for my sermon being, as my music director put it, "a home run."

But in the meantime, on the weekdays, I have been seeking the appropriate coffee substitutes, because Songbird runs on coffee of whatever kind. I’ve been measuring half-and-half into my little Oxo measuring cup. I can live with 2 tablespoons in a cup of coffee and feel pretty darned satisfied (1 point, in case you’re counting).  But the beauty of the mocha, or any latte, is that in the nonfat milk form it helps fulfill the daily requirement for milk or other dairy that is part of the Weight Watchers program, and it’s really pushing it to count half-and-half in place of your lowfat or nonfat dairy products.

So I returned to my favorite coffee purveyor and amazingly found a new drink I like, although it’s not quite the same as the "Grande Nonfat, No-Whip Mocha," the order that spools off the tongue so musically. In the Star$$ the other day with Pure Luck, I ordered my new drink.

"May I please have a Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte?"

It was as if I were hearing it for the first time. I turned to Pure Luck and said, "Yes, it’s a Straight White Girl’s drink."

He chuckled.


Sigh. I somehow feel I’m capitulating to the patriarchy, but I couldn’t exactly say why.

14 thoughts on “No Mo Mocha Update”

  1. heehee!
    I order “nonfat” instead of “skinny” and somehow feel better about that….
    Do you get sugar free vanilla? (I just can’t, but I like the idea…)

  2. It’s vanilla, Linda. Vanilla.
    Teri, the “skinny” comes with the sugar-free vanilla syrup.
    So I guess I’m saying straight white girls are not only vanilla, but also artificially sweetened, and I’m not so sure about that.

  3. Venti skim milk latte with no foam….I refuse to speak star$$. My local shop knows my drink so well that it is usually made by the time I get to the front of the line.

  4. artifically sweetened vanilla? let’s just call it the “splenda mouthfull of nothing but milk”… ick. babe really? really? *sigh*

  5. Grande decaf soy latte.
    Soy milk has a little sweetness from vanilla, but isn’t soy automatically good for you? SOmething about cholesterol if I remember…
    And, “Yes We Can” all support Obama!!!!!

  6. This is a funny post. I gave up chocolate for Lent for the very first time. I gave myself a special dispensation to have a big choco kiss on Valentine’s Day because isn’t he a saint? So it’s a feast day, right? I felt a little sick afterwards.

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