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Best Valentine Ever

We’re standing in the card aisle at the supermarket in Posh Neighboring Town, where The Princess is seeking a Valentine for her dad.

This is the first year she has not been into Valentine’s Day. For many years she created cards for her friends, putting an enormous amount of creative effort into cards she finally realized were being discarded almost immediately. She’s not bitter, but she IS sensible, and she decided 7th grade was the year to stop.

This also means she didn’t make cards for anyone in the family, although she did help me put together packages mailed to her brothers earlier in the week.

I had a great plan to pick something up for her at lunchtime today, but a headache got in the way.

So, there we were, in the card aisle, and we ask each other, should I pick out a card for you?

Instead, we hug, right there, and say we love each other.

I think it was the best mother/daughter Valentine ever.

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