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Pixie_in_the_rainNeed I say more?

Yes, I need.

We got 8 inches of snow last night, which would have been my post title if it might not attract unwelcome attention. I went out to shovel this morning, just after it turned to freezing rain. While I was shoveling, it somehow turned to rain, although the temperature is, as you can see, 30 degrees Farenheit.

I do not pretend to understand these weather mysteries.

Since Pure Luck is now far away in Chesapeake Bay Bridge State, I shoveled by myself. He had to drive through this mess yesterday, and his trip took a ridiculously long time. To top it off, the cell phone reception where he is staying? Basically non-existent. Two out of two calls: dropped.

He expected to be shooing deer away from his car this morning, so that gives a sense of how out of the way his accommodations are.

This started out to be about weather, but I have added "whining" as a subject, since I seem to be doing plenty of it.

I am working from home yet again, as school, along with everything else, is canceled and travel discouraged.

There is a bright note to be sounded, however, because my darling clergy neighbors have a freshly-repaired snowblower and will be helping me with the driveway. Since the snow now weighs about the equivalent of a Bernese Mountain Dog per shovelful, I love them. Very, very much.

To be clear, I already loved them.

But this is good news on a freezingly frightful day.

How’s the weather where you are? Is your Pixie under the umbrella?

20 thoughts on “Frightful”

  1. My pixie is building snow-women under sunny skies, but wearing 18 layers of clothes because temps are still below zero.
    Awesome. 🙂

  2. The wind here is at gale force, it’s 54 degrees (should be in the thirties, but, you know, global warming …), and it’s raining sideways. The power keeps going out, which means my power backup unit keeps letting me know that I have 15 minutes to shut down my computer safely. Yes, snowblowers are wonderful! My Ed always does our two driveways and in front of our house, and then helps out neighbors. They love him.

  3. My pixie is definitely under the umbrella…and we had snow last night, too, but only a couple of inches so the rain has melted it.
    This is the most bizarre stretch of weather. Since Sunday afternoon it has been frigid, but today it’s supposed to be around 50. Is this what global warming is going to be like? Erratic?

  4. I was supposed to fly out of Logan this morning. For a job interview.
    Yeah. I am not a happy camper.
    Flight canceled, automatically rebooked on a 6PM flight.. frantic calls to my interviewer and other appointments.
    Groveling, I managed to get the airline to rebook my return ticket a day later, so that I could have the same number of business days in the City on the Lake. Managed to reschedule my interview accordingly.
    What a mess.

  5. There is a strange yellow ball in the sky. Sadly, as Teri can attest, it does very little to make the eighteen *billion* layers of clothing unnecessary.
    There are now plow drifts higher than my head. I am tall.
    We are due for another round of snow tomorrow.

  6. Those are the Cutest.Neighbors.Ever!!!
    It was clear and 24 degrees F this morning, unexpectedly. This caused consternation as the pumps on Ken’s 5000 psi power washers had frozen and he was running around with boiling kettles.
    Now it’s 59 and sunny. But we’re going to have freezing rain over the weekend…

  7. OK, we also had at least8 inches, freezing rain and rain, but school was not canceled. I haven’t had a snow day yet this tear, in spite of more than 3 feet of snow in my yard….

  8. patti, that is just wrong.
    My dear neighbors’ snow blower was not equal to the rain-soaked snow, but they helped me shovel the driveway, God bless them.

  9. seems Finland isn’t getting snow this year – which is a shame – since we love skiing and DD is desperate to go snowboarding!
    it’s around zero C (32-33F) blue skies, no wind and a few puffy clouds.
    If you didnt’ look at the temperature it could be a sunny spring day – the sky is that blue.
    But we want snow. Not the wet kind mind – so be careful what you send onto us, ok?
    PS It usually snows the most when hubby is away – nowadays I still have TS to help – but I can imagine that you are doubly grateful to your neighbours when it’s just you and the princess at home. Maybe the dogs can help too 🙂

  10. Hooray, neighbors!
    Here: cold, sunny 18 degrees. We’ve had record snows and record cold temperatures this winter.
    Pretty, but the potholes, not so much.

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