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Puppy Love

  Molly and Sam wait for a cookie 021108 
  Originally uploaded by revsongbird.

Here are Molly and Sam looking lovingly at their Papa Bear…

or perhaps at the cookies he is holding…

on our walk at Posh Neighboring Town Nature Preserve this morning. It was our last chance to go out into the woods together for a while, as Pure Luck leaves for one of those Chesapeake Primary States tomorrow for a month’s work.

We enjoyed our walk and finally had the camera with us. More pictures at Flickr.

16 thoughts on “Puppy Love”

  1. I automatically tilted my head, ever so slightly, when I saw the pups-waiting-for-cookie picture.
    Everyone, altogether now, “Aaaaawwwww”
    Such beautiful pups. I hope the month that Pure Luck is away goes by quickly.

  2. Your dogs are beautiful. Glad you had a good day to walk – it is way too cold to walk here yet. Maybe tomorrow. Hope the month goes well and quick!

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