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Snow and Rain and Snow?

The snow became rain, though it may become snow again, and I’m headed to church to preach this one.

No matter the weather this afternoon, we are headed to City By the Sea High School for the Caucus. #1 Son sent in his absentee ballot. The laws have changed since four years ago, when he was too young to participate by just a few weeks. He did volunteer at the caucus that year.

Now in Vacationland, if you will be 18 by election day, you can register and participate in the caucus. Snowman is a little far away to be with us, but he will definitely get his absentee ballot in the fall; his birthday if four days before the general election.

And now I will faint at the knowledge that two of my children will be registered voters this year.

Expect a post about the caucus experience tonight!

11 thoughts on “Snow and Rain and Snow?”

  1. i don’t know much about caucuses, either, but like the idea a lot. it is probably just unworkable for a huge state like mine, though.

  2. Oooh, I’m very curious about where Vacationland is going to side! Hope the weather holds out so that none of the transportation is a pain…

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