On Notice

Yes, there are a few things on notice from yours truly on this Saturday afternoon.

First of all, what is up with Saturday night snowstorms? And why must they invariably lead to the cancellation of church services? I HATE being the person who decides this kind of thing. HATE it. But I live 35 miles away from the church I’m serving and there is a seriously scary road between here and there. So it’s hard not to look at the personal safety angle for others and for me.

Second, what is up with muscle weighing more than fat, or something like that? Is it true? I read two articles by the same guy today on the Weight Watchers website, and they naturally expressed contradictory viewpoints on this. Anyway, after a week of weight-lifting and more Activity Points than I’ve earned since before Christmas, I GAINED .2. For Pete’s sake! I mean, I had a few pancakes on Tuesday night, but not THAT many.

Dogs off leashes, oy. Speaking of pancakes, is that how flat you want yours to be, neighbor?

And now back to the gym, where the Chin Up machine is just way too scary when I’m not being accompanied by the trainer. Yes, it’s supposed to make me stronger, and that is one of my declared goals, but a minor panic attack in mid-air? Is not a good thing.

On my phone, there have been WAY too many calls from various good-hearted souls wanting to be sure I know my caucus is tomorrow. I am aware. And I was only mistaken about which high school is the location until two days ago. And it wasn’t your phone calls that straightened me out. I can’t help it if I thought it was the same as last time.

Speaking of my phone, what is up with the calls about extended car warranties?

And that last one, well, I can’t even speak of it, except to say that 20 out of 21 e-mails on my church address this morning were, ahem, those kind.

What’s On Notice with you today?

13 thoughts on “On Notice”

  1. For me, it is 145 of the 150 daily church e-mails that are of the um…extended “other stuff” variety. Many of them now come with pictures. Ick!

  2. RE the muscle/fat thing, technically muscle does not weigh “more” than fat. Muscle is denser, which means that in terms of volume, a particular volume of muscle will weigh more than the same volume of fat. However, muscle is not in fact heavier. But if you are the same size you were before and now are made up of more muscle than before, you will weigh more.
    Luckily, muscle also metabolizes calories faster! 🙂 And makes your body work more efficiently overall! 🙂 And other good things! 🙂
    This (building muscle) is the point when weight becomes less relevant for a little while and overall fitness becomes more important. Eventually it will equalize and the weight will come off again, because the muscle is working harder for you even when you aren’t working it!
    (here ends the verbatim speech from my personal trainer…)

  3. Thanks, Teri, that is helpful.
    By the way, my weather pixie is claiming there is snow already, but that is a false lie. No, wait! The snow has begun.

  4. Yep, what Teri said. That’s why BMI isn’t always the best measure – I remember seeing something about how, if you went by BMI alone, people like Lance Armstrong would be considered overweight, because of course the guy’s all muscle, which is denser, so he weighs more than he “should” for his height. But muscle of course is much healthier to have than fat.

  5. On notice for me is whatever little child blew their GI bug germs into my face and the resultant effects on my stomach over the past 24 hours.
    This is not how I would like to lose weight.
    The silver lining is how incredibly nice my family has been in the past day.

  6. Well, aside from an almost complete lack of exercise…it’s much the same here…only I recently got caller ID and I don’t answer those calls…I figure if it’s anyone important they will leave a message…
    sigh. I hope the weather is ok for you tomorrow. This has really been an intense winter so far…

  7. I have to tell you regarding the pictures, that most of the pictures feature n*ked women, which tells you a little something about the purpose of the “ads”.

  8. My cousin gets those extended car warranty calls for a car she doesn’t even have any more. I don’t and I think it’s because I put us on the Federal Don’t Call List. (Either that or because OHP bought his one and only brand-new car in 1970 or ’71.) My ISP also does a good job of weeding out those junk emails — not perfect, but I get maybe one or two a month. Sisterknits, who works at the church where I used to, still has to deal with the huge volume of icky emails, and I think a big reason is the church is too cheap to spring for broadband and an ISP with a junk filter. Church professionals, demand you be treated as such! (rant over, that’s all I’m on notice about today)

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