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No Mo Mocha

Every morning, I drink a mocha.

In recent months, it has been a nonfat, no-whip mocha, but still, a mocha. I have been pondering the attachment I feel to that combination of coffee, milk and chocolate, the combination that I sometimes claim stands between me and utter havoc. Maybe it’s time to find out who I would be without that mood-altering mocha-tail?

Songbird: I’m going to give up chocolate in my coffee for Lent.

Pure Luck: That sounds like a really bad idea.

Songbird: Well, you’ll be gone for most of the time.

Pure Luck: Oh, that’s all right, then.

See what I mean? 

So, I’ve started, or rather, I’ve stopped. (Please tell me it counts as stopping even though I nibbled on a Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar while drinking a latte. It is NOT the same.)

will smama asked the very good question, "Why are you giving up something for Lent?" It’s definitely not part of my faith traditions, past (Baptist) or present (Congregational UCC).  But I am in a phase of experimenting with short range goals, and this seemed like a good time-frame for trying to do without something upon which I have come to depend.

So basically, I’m using Lent. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person. I will examine that possibility as I go along, mocha-less.

15 thoughts on “No Mo Mocha”

  1. Last year I gave up chocolate – all chocolate, and, I love my chocolate! I thought it was going to be really really hard, but it ended up being – not so bad. The hard part was when we were visiting people and they had chocolate desserts etc. One good thing – every time I didn’t have chocolate I remembered the reason why. It brought me closer to my spirit and what Lent is all about. I even thought about continuing past Lent, but that didn’t work after the chocolate bunny on Easter.

  2. We always give up or add something for Lent. For me it’s a way to be conscious of the suffering of others in the world. I think it’s good to be reminded how lucky I am to have the option to “choose” my cross and many in the world don’t have to role play to feel that sacrifice.

  3. oh dear brave one…
    what on earth were you thinking? i pondered giving up coffee. seeing as hubhc criticized me for spending $350 in Jan. for 2 people on groceries. so let’s see… we go thru a container of coffee a week. and i even “downgraded” to a non-flavored, non-gourment coffee. (read “swill”) and then i pondered giving it up… now i’m sitting here with one huge motherload of a headache…
    the point? tread carefully. life has to have a few splurges and truly it was a non-fat mocha… i’d say you’re flogging yourself for no good reason. nevertheless i shall support you in your quest!

  4. I’m glad you mentioned the latte. I would have been looking for news reports from your state if you’d completely given up all coffee.

  5. I think the Fiber One bar is okey dokey.
    I’ve given up swearing for Lent. Which mostly means that I do it, in moments of provocation, and then I apologize to God and think about why I don’t want to be doing it. Too early to see a change…we’ll see how that goes.

  6. I’m trying to give up surfing the Net while at work. I actually did a little better today than I thought I would, but I’m praying for help.

  7. I’m giving up something, too, and I find that it has its intended result—every time I want it, I remember why I choose not to have it.

  8. You are a far better woman than I.
    I’m giving up lima beans.
    Actually, my Lenten discipline this year is to take up something each week and be intentional about using it. This week will be the spiritual discipline of kindness. I like to think I’m a generally kind person – but for this week in Lent, I’ll be more intentional about it.
    Rats. Now I want a mocha. With sprinkles.

  9. KathyR, LOL!!
    Me, too, Sue. Me, too.
    Driving home, stuck behind a slow-moving snowplow, I found my mind wandering direct to the mocha. Thank goodness there is no Starbuckage on my route homeward.

  10. Grande non-fat no-whip mocha. Just rolls off the tongue (or across the tongue as the case may be). So does this mean at the end that you reLent?

  11. One year I gave up Cokes for Lent. Not sure how I managed to get through all those mornings without my own dose of caffeine (as I’m not much of a coffee drinker) but get through it I did. You will, too. Good luck!

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