Super Snow Day

Here’s what I’ve been up to today:

  • Finishing what I started yesterday, and by finishing I mean everything but picking hymns, because those resources are at the office;
  • Not getting to the office because the rain, she was snow;
  • Attending preacher group, where there were only two of us, plus Molly, because of said non-rain;
  • Fixing lunch for my husband, because he leaves on Monday, and a little pampering is in order;
  • Recognizing that I am still not really ready for Lent, at least not personally;
  • Remembering that even though it was later last year, I never really observed it properly due to various demands of life;
  • Wondering how I will manage it this year, due to ditto;
  • Picking up The Princess and Anime Fan Girl (new best friend) from school and being called Mrs. The Father of My Children a few times;
  • Reminding myself that it beats "Yo, Bee-yotch" as a call name;
  • Drinking lots and lots of coffee with chocolate in it, because I’m thinking of giving up the chocolate in the coffee for Lent (see above);
  • Re-playing the "Yes We Can" video whenever I found it on friends’ blogs;
  • Realizing how much I do.not.like. Genesis 2;
  • Hoping this is the last of the weather because the person who does the shoveling? well, see above, Monday, etc.;
  • Trying not to be tempted by the TV coverage of politics until this evening, though I did enjoy seeing a guy from CNN interviewing people at The Varsity while fixing lunch;
  • Scheming, in the back of my mind, what knitting I will do in front of the TV tonight;
  • Lastly, preparing to fix pancakes for our Shrove Tuesday supper, and I am not going to worry about the points, because darn it! this is FAT Tuesday.

What have you been up to today?

23 thoughts on “Super Snow Day”

  1. Getting ready for major “non-rain” that has begun to fall. Fourteen inches of non-rain is expected. Mostly this preparation consists of contemplating canceling Ash Wednesday worship. Ugh.

  2. Finishing a pair of socks for #1 Son (just the second toe to go), then starting a Valentine’s gift for a special friend! That one is a secret for the moment.

  3. today’s flash of insight is that if today is FAT tuesday… it means tomorrow is SKINNY wednesday!
    uh i have that and nothing done for tomorrow’s worship… course since it’s still snowing & blowing… will we have worship? *sigh*

  4. hmm…today I made pancakes in the morning, had some meetings, visited a currently (though probably temporarily) home-bound member, bringing pancakes along, then discovered the non-rain was falling fast and hard two hours before it was expected. 12-14 inches are predicted here by 6pm tomorrow, with no break (yesterday they said it would end at noon…now they’re saying it won’t end until Thursday morning!). Went to grocery store and library. Came home. Ran dishwasher. contemplated Ash Wednesday sermon (just in case–you know if I don’t write one then the snow will stop and we’ll definitely have worship, and if I do write one, it will snow and sleet well past the service time and the snowplows will all be mysteriously disabled). Procrastinated said sermon by reading blogs, petting kitties, etc….
    for real, no more procrastination, I promise…

  5. what have I been up to today? besides school, wavering back and forth between the two Dems, trying to decide which one to vote for. And it’s ten minutes to leaving for the caucus, and I still don’t know.

  6. Yo Bee-Yotch? I think we can come up with something better than that. “Oh, honey – why don’t you just call me ‘Gorgeous’ like all Princess’ other friends do!”

  7. When my kids call me Mrs. My Husband (but no my)last name, I put on my very best Southern accent and say “Honey, you can just call me Dr. Sherry”
    Well, down here it really is Mardi Gras. Half of my family went into New Orleans to play music or to tag along as a groupie. The other half went to the barn and then to the archery shooting range. Guess which half I was in.

  8. Here it was just rain….long day at church + covered dish dinner for Shrove Tuesday. And four services tomorrow.
    Not sure I’m ready for Lent either.

  9. I finished the socks! (I had to do the toe twice, because I didn’t look carefully at the way I did the first one. But I’m sure it was all because of political excitement, right? Not just that I can’t remember how I did the first sock.)
    The pancakes were delicious. I ate fewer than I would have in the past. I stopped when I felt a little full. Dogs were the beneficiaries, and they were pleased.

  10. Howling gales and torrential rain…but no time to enjoy non rain if it were to happen here,so rather thankful there’s none forecast (not that this is ever much of a guide to anything).
    I’ve just done our first Ash Weds service and was utterly brought to my knees by it (which I guess is pretty much the point of the exercise)
    Now a funeral address and a sermon for tonight to sort. And a funeral to preach at, of course.
    That may feel rather overwhelming in the face of all those little ash crosses this morning…

  11. it’s this morning, not last night. I am starting early today, amazed at all the things that I thought could never be that are–like how well Obama is doing, like my child beginning to grow into friendship, like how much I am graced and strengthened by my blog community. May this be a peaceful and illuminating Lent for you.

  12. Well, it is already Ash Wed here – yesterday was busy…preparing for major storm too, but so far only rain, and still school is cancelled due to major storm that is (probably) still coming….so. Not expecting much in the way of Ash Wed attendance…
    Hope the pancakes were delicious.

  13. Good list. I love Sherry’s response.
    Songbird, how about – “That’s Reverend Beeyotch to you”
    Checking in a day late. Hope your Ash Wed goes well.

  14. A full day yesterday. It started out at 80 degrees and dropped 35 degrees within a two-hour period. So the skirt and t-shirt I wore in the AM? Totally inappropriate for the PM. A little hail here but no non-rain of your sort.
    No pancakes for me!
    Hoping you don’t have to shovel…! dangit where’s that Snowman when you might NEED his skillz?

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