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The Panic Major? Or the Challenge Minor?

Lent is upon us.

The natural coming to an end of the Interim I’m serving simply magnifies its insistence, as this arc of the church year moves us toward, or perhaps even through, the end of a transition process consciously pursued over the past year.

On a spiritual and a metaphorical level, it feels just right for moving to a time of celebration and joy (Easter and the choosing of a new pastor for them, a new job for me), but on a practical level, it feels like just about the worst time to be doing the tasks of separation and completion.

There are, you see, extra services to plan (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday), and one might hope that the Lenten services will bring us to a place of understanding, to the extent possible, our faith story.

My goal for this afternoon is to finish laying out the way those themes and services will work together and to transmit the outline to the Director of Music. I feel I’m running late already, but this abbreviated Epiphany has not allowed for any other position.

I’m hoping I’ll find this to be the Challenge Minor rather than the Panic Major.

5 thoughts on “The Panic Major? Or the Challenge Minor?”

  1. Good luck! I wouldn’t even know how to begin with this sort of question; the fact that you can approach it with such calm is impressive.

  2. I don’t have to devise the liturgies (give or take Easter Sunday, that is) but oh, how I share your feelings re the disjunct between where we are and where the year is placing us.
    Hugs xxx

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