13 thoughts on “Yes We Can”

  1. OMG!!
    The first time I watched this, I Could.Not.Understand.It.
    The second time, it was perfectly, perfectly clear.
    That was the point, maybe? Now I’ve watched it about 10 times. And crying.
    Off to hear about The Transfiguration. Hmmmmmm…

  2. Love it.
    My state is part of Super Tuesday and I find it peculiar that I have not seen or heard a single Clinton or Obama campaign ad. Maybe since Hillary is an Illinois native and Obama is an Illinois resident, and our Senator, they decided to spend more ad dollars outside Illinois?
    Have other states been seeing many presidential ads?

  3. I think youtube is the way to the hearts of young voters. Just about all my students had already seen this when I mentioned it ….

  4. My younger daughter sent this to me, as well.
    I don’t know about political ads on tv since I hardly ever watch it, and then nearly always PBS. Yet another reason my blood pressure is staying healthy….

  5. Has everyone in Super Tuesday states done our civic duty? My election judges said they’ve had a steady flow of voters, which is a better turnout than most Primaries. After work I can kick back, let it snow (a foot+ predicted) and knit while watching the returns.
    (Oh, Songbird – after many successful felted bags, my sister talked me into attempting to make her a pair of felted clogs after seeing some on display at a local yarn shop. We’ll see how that goes.)

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