At the Board Meeting

On a cloudy afternoon, the sun broke through as I drove north for a board meeting. Soon I sat around a conference room table, papers before me, listening to a lawyer on a speaker phone, giving advice at some length.

Somewhere on the edge of my consciousness, though, I hear another sound, not the familiar voice of a man I have known for more than twenty years, but a series of beeps so faint I cannot place them.

For a moment I wonder if I am hearing things. Surreptitiously I observe the others sitting at the table, ministers, laypeople, a consultant and a staff member. I wonder if the older members can even hear the tones that continue to intrude on my thoughts?

Someone asks a question, and that leads to further explanation. The strange little sounds continue, and I look around the table again. The consultant is looking down; this matter does not concern him directly, and he will not have a vote when it comes to that. I wonder what he might be thinking about; is he half-listening?

And then I understand what I have been hearing: he is using his Blackberry.

Yes, it’s the Gameboy for big boys everywhere. As soon as we move on to the next item, the beeps subside.

8 thoughts on “At the Board Meeting”

  1. My friend in management at the hospital likens the now mandatory blackberries as “crack” for executives. LOL… I can believe it.

  2. How crazy we are becoming. Interesting article in yesterday’s NYT about the “slow movement”–something way down deep is rumbling against this…

  3. Burn them all I say! The next step will be from the Dean Koontz novel where the darn computers are directly linked by cable to a gizmo surgically inserted into our brain! They are insidious little critters for sure.

  4. Crackberry addicts unite! I confess — I surf the web and read my friends’ blogs during the boring bits of meetings. Too tempting! Perhaps I should consider giving up using the crackberry during meetings as a Lenten discipline.
    P.S. I do remember to turn off the sound so that every tap isn’t audible to the rest of the room.

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