If you’re looking for a sermon…

…go over here.

Otherwise, a few notes on my Sunday.

  • I enjoyed measuring half-and-half into my coffee, even if I didn’t  have time to drink the whole cup.
  • We got to church over not-so-great roads and had a good service, though less-attended than one might have expected.
  • There was just enough time to set up a worship center with a big bowl of water and a boat with a net and fish, to go with the stones from last week and the Christ Candle. (The boat was not in the bowl. The bowl represented baptism. Just in case you wondered.)
  • I gave out Swedish Fish to the few children present and told the story about Bert and Ernie and the time they went fishing, and ended up getting them to say with me, "Here, people, people, people, people!"
  • Although there were only 59 people in church, there were about 50 at our Annual Meeting.
  • At the end of the meeting, the Moderator said some appreciative words, and those who were present stood and applauded me, very kindly.
  • The Princess and I had lunch at Panera, then raced to see "Juno," on which more in another post.
  • I am now in what we call around here a Zombie Coma, although I did manage to put up words in my Scrabulous games.
  • I am relieved that it still exists. Scrabulous, that is.

How was your day?

11 thoughts on “If you’re looking for a sermon…”

  1. Snowing and cold and cold and snowing and blowing and cold and snowing here. A huge dump of snow and it’s -40 with windchill. We’re having a warm evening cuddled up on the couch downstairs with wine and cats and blankets.
    It’s snowing and cold and blowing.

  2. I am so about to start a scrabulous game with you…I love it and want to make sure to play as much as possible before it’s too late!!

  3. I know there has been Scrabulous controversies, but is it definitely going away?? Say it ain’t so!
    My day started with organ playing and I snoozed in between sentences in a book. It was a sort of lazy afternoon.

  4. Wish I could’ve joined you for “Juno”. Will wait for Netflix
    Son sang in third service in his youth choir
    Cut out early for lunch because of:
    School open house. Erupted volcano twice, then off to
    Pick up Mom for local playhouse production of “The Foreigner”, which was excellent!

  5. pretty good! we’re in Duluth now. The children’s message went well. My worship leadership was kind of off, I thought. But we had soup for lunch and then packed and came up here!
    Scout’s sleeping on her side in our hotel room right now.

  6. Kind of a sad morning as Sr. Pastor gave last sermon and there was the “uncalling” liturgy with a conference person. A long line to say goodbye at the door. Next week a meeting to explain all this (maybe) and go forward. Makes my stomach hurt.
    Day got better, made pot roast, was going to watch Mansfield Park on PBS and had already decided I wasn’t going to like it as well as the old version when a friend called with good news about another friend and we had a nice long chat. Friends are better than TV any time, is the moral of this story!

  7. Good day here, too. Annual meeting went smoothly. I got applause, too!
    Songbird, you are creative through and through. I love reading what you do in worship and life.
    Just glad to know you. That’s all I’m saying.

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