Don't Let's Call It a Diet, Friends


OxojiggerIt’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, a tiny little measuring cup in Tablespoons and ounces and milliliters.

At Weight Watchers this morning, the leader, who was long ago my next-door neighbor stay-at-home-mom pal, and who I hope is a rediscovered friend, showed us all this darling little slanted measuring device, cleverly marked in red for this dangerous Valentine season.

She mentioned that it had x’s and o’s (the company that makes it is Oxo) and asked what those might stand for? (Yes, Weight Watchers is sometimes like the Children’s Message at church, but whatever works. And what she does works.) Hugs and kisses, we answered, and she heard my voice and made eye contact and asked which was which, and I answered, and she put the little cup in my hand and moved on in her talk.

I brought it to her at the end of the meeting, thanking her again for her support when I was having a hard time earlier in the week. She told me to borrow it this week, and we made plans to meet for coffee to renew our friendship. The loan of the cup is a wee gift, and I enjoyed seeing what 2 tablespoons looked like (enough for a cup of coffee, as it turned out), but her return to my life feels like divine intervention, and I am surely grateful.

8 thoughts on “Gifts”

  1. That is cute.
    I have a little tiny measuring cup the size of a shot glass. I goes up to two or three tablespoons, I forget which. It doesn’t have that cool slanty part, either.

  2. I have a wee Pyrex measuring cup like that (with no handle — resembles a shot glass) but I love the OXOs with their slanted read-from-the-top capability w/ all my heart.

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