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Around the World in 80 Minutes

It started as an opportunity for the sharing of cultures at Renowned Middle School, a chance for the kids who came here from other countries to perform for the school community. But over time, and really just since Snowman went on to high school, it has become a more inclusive event and all kids in the school are invited to sign up and perform.

The Princess’ friend Guitar Boy has been dreaming of a band. He recruited his best friend, Boy of Many Talents to put down his saxophone and pick up a bass guitar. The Princess and her friend, Best All Around, also became part of the group, though they both play keyboards. They hatched a plan to perform "A Day in the Life."

No, really. They did. A song even The Beatles never performed live.

The Princess brought the music home, scored for all the instruments in teeny-tiny scale. She gamely copied the keyboard part onto staff paper, making adaptations where her friend could not manage the part, and in some cases where she wasn’t sure she could, splitting the part up into two parts based on the right and left hand.

The entire cast of characters, including an African drumming group, ballroom dancers, a hip hop group and a family demonstrating Capoeira, as well as part of the school orchestra, toured to three different elementary schools on Wednesday and Thursday. The Princess reported that the elementary school students were more interested in the hip-hop dancers than in her band.

Then Thursday night, they put on the show for the families.

The Princess had paid much attention to her wardrobe, rotating a turquoise velvet jacket and a bright pink brushed cotton one, trying to wear something slightly different for each performance, and Thursday night was no different.

We chatted with other parents before the show, then watched all the other groups perform. The rock band, as the music teacher dubbed them, came last on the program.

Finally, their moment came. Guitar Boy and Boy of Many Talents stood at microphones, while the girls were seated at the keyboard. The Princess looked happy. Imagine that, happy! She usually looks worried before the school band concerts, standing at the xylophones, mallets at the ready. When she sings in the GirlChoir, she smiles only when she really feels she must, taking her music very seriously. But there at the keyboard, she smiled broadly.

The music began, and it was surprisingly good. They got a lot of applause because middle-aged parents get the Beatles in a way elementary kids might not. The positive response set them up for the real thing.

You see, today, they played for their schoolmates, and that’s what really counted. As Pure Luck would put it, this was the gig that would affect the status bar.

I picked The Princess up after school, eager for the full report.

"It was great! We played an encore!"

It was the same song, because it’s their only song.

But they played an encore. And kids danced.

I think my daughter is a rock star.

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  1. Oh, I can relate. Is there any better feeling? Watching my kids succeed and radiate joy is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I think it’s a glimpse, a tiny, tiny understanding, of what God feels about us. That is very cool indeed.
    Congrats to the Princess, and best wishes for continued success. If they learn about 12 more songs, they can play a few sets at the local coffee bar!

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