Saturday, Early

I slept in this morning, which means the alarm was set for 6:45 instead of 6 (or 6:18, the school day time that gives me a few extra minutes but also gives me the weather report and enough time to wake The Princess for her preparatory routine). I moved over to snuggle with my husband, drowsily, and enjoyed his warmth. It will be colder in bed when he goes away next month.

As it got closer to 7, I told him the time. The dogs eat at 7, and while they will snoozle a bit longer if no one is downstairs, they really do like their food as close to that hour as possible.

7:01. He is getting out of bed, and I know I must, too.

Prime writing time has already gone by. Soon I will be downstairs giving Molly her medicine, a two-person job at the moment, and I wonder how I will get that stack of three little pills cloaked in cream cheese down her throat when there is no large man standing behind her and hanging onto her.

He takes the liquid medicine squirter out of my hands, for he seems to think I would leave it in an eccentric location rather than in a place it can readily be found tomorrow morning. I would argue with his conclusion if I did not know he has reached it using scientific methods.

I check the web for my column in the Saturday paper, then I try to turn my mind to what I will be saying tomorrow morning.

It’s early for writing. I am not sure my eyes are completely open. Thoughts flit through my mind. I’ve chosen the gospel lesson, the meeting of Jesus and Peter, and I am fascinated with their friendship. Ye

It’s early for writing, but the more I write, the more I write. It never fails.

11 thoughts on “Saturday, Early”

  1. I laughed about liquid medicine squirter and how you might place it in an eccentric location and how your husband took it. I can certainly identify with this as I do the same (put it some place quirky).
    Raining here all day today and for that I am truly thankful.

  2. I am the one who *remembers* all the odd places of things left behind.
    Raining here too, but a lovely way to wake up after sleeping eleven wonderful hours.
    I notice some of the revgals are getting ready for Lenten meditations. That seems weird to me while we are in the midst of Mardi Gras season….

  3. Molly is a cat, I presume?
    My technique for solo cat medication distrubtion is to sit on my knees (not the most comfortable pose, I admit) with the cat between my knees. That way, the cat can’t squiggle (technical term) out backwards. Then you can lean forward and keep the cat from squiggling out upwards. Take the cats face in one hand, medication in the other… and go from there. Not pretty, but it works.
    When I go back and read that, it sounds ridiculous… Ha!

  4. It sounds like a great technique for a cat, but Molly is a 95 pound dog! Still, standing astride her myself might work. I’ll have to try that.

  5. Loved your newspaper article. What a great gift you are to your community!
    There’s a 6:18 a.m. now? *shudders*
    I’m a true night owl, no question.

  6. Oh my goodness…I never knew I was such a slug (well, I had my suspicions but really)
    7.00 is the weekday alarm…Saturday is…well, as late as possible. Preferably no alarm at all. And the dogs never get breakfast…please don’t let them access your blog, or my life could become untenable!
    Hope the day’s writing has gone well.

  7. Rusty also likes to have his breakfast at 7, or even earlier if he can fool me into getting up. He has already had a walk by then from the sainted Onkel Hankie Pants, whom you should definitely go see in The Fantasticks at a theater near you! I think The Princess would like it too.
    I am amazed that you have a dog who does not automatically eat anything that comes near her mouth! Am I right in supposing that Sam is not as difficult to medicate?

  8. One bad thing about living alone is that the only one who can remember the weird places I put things is me. O for a spousal equivalent who would know to look for the car keys under the hairbrush in the half-bath. (I chose Jesus/Peter too…but went an odd place with it. I posted mine.) I love these insights into your day.

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