The Princess came home with an assignment for Social Studies: poll 20 eligible voters, asking "If the election were held today, who would you vote for?"

All the data will be turned into a bar graph, due Tuesday.

I pointed out that this would be less than scientific, since the people she knows or might see in the next few days are not necessarily a representative sampling of the general population. For instance, the three registered voters in our household are all in the same party and represent no interesting ethnic groups with the possible exception of quasi-Norwegian or Somewhat Swedish Yet Nominally German or Who Really Knows Anyway? We do have one attractive member of the 18-24 (or is it 25?) voting group. Or maybe that’s one member of the attractive group. Or both. In any event, we’re not particularly diverse.

On the other hand, the way things are going, she’s just as likely to get it right as Zogby.

(Last count: 3 for Obama, 17 voters to go.)

15 thoughts on “Polling”

  1. If she wants to count any of your blogging buddies she can put me down for Obama. Rarely in my lifetime have I used the words ‘inspirational,’ ‘hope,’ and ‘politician’ in the same sentence. Until now, that is.
    And by the way, voting Democrat in my state definitely puts me in the minority here.

  2. Obama is quite the gifted orator. but i need more info to go on. The hotcup household is very bipartisan and split down the middle on every issue, nearly every time, every candidate. keeps marriage lively. mochajavapuppy…well whose giving out free biscuits?

  3. Hmmm. I feel about the same way that hotcup lutheran does w/r/t Obama. I suppose I could go for an Obama/Edwards ticket, though some days I would really like an Obama/Clinton ticket (not that that would ever happen), and if I really had power, I’d demand a good old-fashioned Roman triumvirate.
    And I’d like one member of that triumvirate to be Fred Rogers.
    I don’t think I’m asking for all that much, really. 😉

  4. I consider it a sign of our screwed up times that in an era when a black man and a woman are running for president, I’m still voting for the southern white guy. Edwards.
    Can’t help you much on the ethnic origin. I’m a ridiculous mishmash of northern european-ish pasty white people.

  5. Very very interesting project… I hope there is fruitful and interesting dicussion that comes out in the class as a result of what the students find!

  6. we always had a mock election, but not so far in advance! should be interesting.
    right now? Obama. but that could/probably will/ change.

  7. Definitely undecided as yet. If you need to classify me:
    — over 50
    — female
    — college graduate
    — WASP (born of several generations of WASPs)
    — main breadwinner for family of four.

  8. So here’s the votes from our house.
    Male, age 46, wasp, east coast, exterminator, registered Republican: Thompson
    Female, age 47, wasp, east coast, clergy, registered Democrat: Clinton
    We usually cancel each other out. I don’t understand why he would vote for Thompson. He has more in common with Hillary but he refuses to consider her because he doesn’t “like” her. Sheesh!

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