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Easy to Be Hard

The Princess was packing her backpack hurriedly one morning last week. She needed to be at school early and had remembered rather at the last minute.

Meanwhile, Sam the Dog began barking in the backyard, and I heard Pure Luck say, "Princess, would you let the dog in?"

I said, "She can’t right now, she’s busy getting ready to leave for school. Ahead of her lies a full day of Academic Achievement and Social Injustice."

I thought I was pretty funny. Didn’t I sum up the Middle School experience?

She did not think it was funny at all.

After school I asked about her day.

She told me that So-and-So was really mean to Whosie-whatsit.

"I think it was your fault," she said.

"My fault?"

"Because of that thing you said about Social Injustice."

But really, I think Three Dog Night said it best:

9 thoughts on “Easy to Be Hard”

  1. Please. It’s our fault even when they’re grandparents!
    I still blame my mom for everything! It’s the circle of payback.
    Counting my blessings having a boy instead of a girl heading to middle school in two and a half years.

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