An Unsuitable Attachment: More Pym, please

I’m continuing my re-read of Barbara Pym’s novels and just finished "An Unsuitable Attachment." I really enjoyed it, particularly her use of multiple perspectives. As a person who lives in a happy, but in what might be to some people’s minds "unsuitable," marriage, I loved her exploration of the theme. What attracts us? What can we simply not resist? And what can we learn from letting ourselves experience our feelings?

I’m loving my journey back through Pym’s books, but I have a couple of others to read before I continue with hers.

3 thoughts on “An Unsuitable Attachment: More Pym, please”

  1. Oh! I made a big move ten years ago and gave away almost everything. I never regret the loss of that stuff, except for the Pym. Now that I”m reminded of her, I feel bad for giving her away all over again.
    Well, there’s always the library….

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