The Male Animal, Whimsy

Overheard After Dinner

She: I’m wound pretty tight, it’s been such a busy week since vacation.

He: Hmm.

She: So, on Friday, I’m going to this place with my friend where you sit in an upholstered armchair and soak your feet and then they rub them.

He: How is that different from normal trips to the Ladies Room?

8 thoughts on “Overheard After Dinner”

  1. OH my gosh, a place that specializes in massaging your feet – how luxurious can one get? I WANT TO DO THAT! I LOVE HAVING MY FEET RUBBED!!!
    Oh so envious!

  2. Hahahaha.
    Well, if Men’s rooms typically don’t have doors on the stalls, as we learned in this fair space recently, Ladies’ rooms would HAVE to be better!

  3. having a fainting couch in the ladies room is NOT the same as a foot soak and massage. just saying. i can live without a fainting couch, but feel desperately in need of a foot massage.

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