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Stranded in Detroit

I’m not the kind of mother who freaks out when she hears her 17-year-old is stranded in Detroit and won’t be able to get another flight until tomorrow, am I?

Please say no.

Update: The flight left Detroit and was turned back before it got to Traverse City. The initial word was that they could not get another flight until the same time tomorrow afternoon. But apparently Northwest would rather not have 30 17-year-olds spending the night and half the next day in the airport, so they’ve found another plane and a new crew and are hoping to have them back in the air at 6:30 p.m. Good thinking on their part.

Update, Part Two: The second flight could not take off, so the airline gave the kids $10 meal vouchers and is arranging a bus to take them across Mitten-Shaped State. No idea when said bus will leave the airport. More when they get there. (Just a little tired of diversions, hoping if this is a message, I will get it soon.)

And last, but not least: While sitting in a Trustees meeting, I got a call from Snowman, who put me on with a Northwest employee. I gave permission for him to ride the bus. They were still trying to get it to go straight to Land o’Lakes, rather than the airport, but that was not definite. Some poor Northwest employee got the pleasure of making the trip with the kids. I guess they’ll be there late this evening.

12 thoughts on “Stranded in Detroit”

  1. Indeed, it sounds like someone at NW is thinking very clearly indeed!
    I think there was a movie about that…kids stuck in an airport?
    Hoping you get good news shortly.

  2. Mary Beth: “Unaccompanied Minors” is the movie. We watched it a couple weeks ago.
    Songbird: The bus ride will be fun! That’s what youth is for. To enjoy such things. It’ll be OK. *she said only because it was not her own child*

  3. Hope he gets where he’s going, soon.
    I do love the tunnel and the fountain at DTW, but otherwise, I loathe both DTW and NWA.

  4. Oy.
    When my kid was in 5th grade on a school trip, their flight home was canceled. While they were sitting in the plane on the runway. Many of them cried. 40+ crying 10-year-olds. They got hotel rooms and flew home the next morning and had an adventure to tell about.

  5. I hope that by now, your boy is back at school, safely tucked in bed. When I lived in Memphis, that has a major NW hub, we used to call it “Northworst.” Bless their hearts! And 10 dollars to feed a young man? Oy…

  6. Maybe, but it doesn’t make you a bad mother.
    When I was 14, I was stranded for three days in Shanghai, with one of my dad’s coworkers to look after me. My mom (waiting for me to arrive back in the US) completely freaked out. Called the State Department. Persuaded them to dispatch a consulate employee to check on me and take me to lunch. I got to get on a flight a few days later.
    I thought it was all a grand adventure. Pity the parents.
    (Hope all is well now!)

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