Church Life, The Male Animal

So, at church this morning…

…I go across the hall from my office to use the bathroom, and I find the door is locked, with a sign that says "Occupied."

Songbird: "Occupied?!??"

(It’s early, you see, and I can’t imagine who is using it. Or why it’s locked.)

Snowman: I think it’s #1 Son.

Songbird: In the Ladies’ Room?


Songbird: #1 Son?

#1 Son: Yes?

Songbird: Why are you in the Ladies Room?

#1 Son: The Men’s Room creeps me out. Besides, it’s a Unisex Bathroom!

Songbird: (backs away to read the sign, joined by Snowman) Oh! How can I have been here a year without seeing that?

Snowman: It’s a Unisex Bathroom.

The sign actually says:


Snowman: Are you a unisex, handicapped baby who needs changing?

#1 Son: (flushes)

Songbird: (starts laughing, mutters) "Are you a unisex, handicapped baby who needs changing?" (cannot stop laughing) I have to sit down.

(Eventually I learned that the Men’s Room has no stalls with doors. How’s that for Hospitality? I think I have something for the first meeting of the Welcome Ministry.)

18 thoughts on “So, at church this morning…”

  1. Bert will only use public restrooms with stalls. Urinals creep him out too.
    But then again, maybe he is a unisex handicapped baby who needs changing. 🙂

  2. Your sons are hilarious. I think I’d like hanging with them. During our recent church renovations we converted most of the bathrooms to unisex. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. Men can be little messier around the toilet bowl – if you know what I mean….
    But they should have stalls. I’ve never really understood that.

  3. Have spent almost no time in men’s rooms, except in times of great stress and difficulty when civil disobedience is clearly called for, to protest the insane architectural bathroom standards in this world.
    But. I don’t get how “unisex” gets translated to “does not need privacy.”

  4. I guess you haven’t wandered around the church buildings with no one else around?
    Glad you found out that the men’s room is inhospitable. We have a unisex “little preacher’s room” (as you called it! Hee Hee).

  5. I adore your sons. Mine have a very similar sense of humour.
    Stalls without doors? Um…ick.
    Our washrooms at the church are both unisex. And one has a changing table, so it would work for your son. *grin*

  6. OK.. now the next time I am at the pool and see that sign on the ‘unisex handicapped baby changing’ room I am going to think of you… and probably laugh. hard.

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