You Know You’re Procrastinating

When you indulge in blog re-design.

It’s time for a change around here. I’ve been in the blue and purple and pink color families for years, but I am declaring 2008 my Red Period. Watch out, world!

Edited to Add: I am going to take up Beso Mami’s challenge and keep track of the books I read this year in the sidebar. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t finished that one yet, but I put it in to get the sidebar category started. I have two books underway at the moment. No, wait, three.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons I don’t finish them all? And is there a knitting corollary? On a related note, I’ve begun tracking my knitting projects at Ravelry. This is being complicated by the disappearance of my camera. But I am not going to look for it today. Really.

19 thoughts on “You Know You’re Procrastinating”

  1. ooooh nice! And, I always have several books going, but you knew that.
    On another note, I haven’t seen my camera in months. I think that is a sign it is gone forever. Want new one. Don’t know when that is going to happen.
    I’m on with Besomami too.

  2. Either I, or one of the ‘knits sisters has that book. It actually belongs to one of them anyway, but since they each have limited space I have some of their books. Anyway although it looks interesting it’s more ambitious than the books I’ve finished (two mysteries) and am about to finish (Julia Child’s My Life in France, wonderful).

  3. i keep meaning to go for a new template and never manage to.
    i suppose i’ll start a whole new blog with my upcoming (hopefully transition) so i can go for it then.
    i’m in with besomami too. first post tonight.

  4. love the re-design. You are inspiring me… but no. I need to go to bed. 6 a.m. Sundays comes way WAY too fast on a cold winter morning…

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