Year in Review

It’s that Year in Review meme, and this year it’s a little more representative than in the past, I think.

January–Tell us all about: 1) a dream you remember from childhood–I used to dream vividly about Mr. Ed, who terrified me.

February–I rose earlier than usual this morning to attend a breakfast meeting in Old Mill Town, and to prepare for the drive, I stopped at the Dunkin’ Donuts for a serious cup of coffee.

March–We’re hearing predictions of a big storm to hit here overnight, so we joined the hordes of City By the Sea residents rushing to local grocery stores to supplement our no doubt already abundant stores of food.

April–Why waste your breath moaning at the crowd?

May–Yesterday, filled with pastoral care needs and details about an upcoming sermon series and devising a bulletin for week one and an extremely lengthy meeting regarding an ordination paper, had a mid-afternoon roadside breakdown when I learned that our church newsletters, re-designed and beautiful, could not be mailed for the 39 cents affixed by a lovely church member.

June–Yesterday Pure Luck had some outpatient surgery to take care of something that bothered him but was not particularly noticeable or worrisome to the rest of the family.

July–The Scene: Our Dining Room

August–Early in the morning, before the break of day, Snowman, The Princess and I will board a bus bound for Beantown, where we will catch a train to The Big Apple and see #1 Son in a play.

September–Last weekend I watched Shrek 2 with all three of my children.

October–I did pay attention to my own sermon.

November–It was a grey day, although there was little rain.

December–It was 1983, a beautiful early summer evening, and I was walking around Manhattan with the future Father of My Children and his roommate.

I remember sitting here on the Gulf Coast doing the dream meme in
January, the adjustment to my new job in February, the long absence
while Pure Luck worked far away last winter and spring, the vivid
quality of Palm Sunday and the rest of Holy Week, the famous duel with
the Post Office over stamps, Pure Luck’s surgery and recovery, the fun
scenes that played out with my children over the year, time spent with
the kids this summer, the efforts to take better care of myself and to
adjust to life at home with just two of us, and a sharp inward turn as
the year waned.

I started the year hoping to do more and better writing, to work on my
craft, but I’m afraid some of the above distracted from that purpose.  I did not start the year with any major intentions around self-care, but by midyear I was all about it. Professionally it was a great year, while at home, we sent Snowman off to school and worked through that transition. We said goodbye to our Old Man Cat, sadly.

In the coming year I know I will change jobs again, but I don’t yet know where God will call me.  (I could use a hint. Just sayin’.) I hope and plan to continue on my "Don’t Let’s Call It a Diet" life change, though I must admit to a  brief hiatus this past week.  In the world of exercise, I hope to run!

I will spend New Year’s Eve traveling home, so this is apt to be my last post of the year. To all of you, best wishes and blessings in the New Year.

14 thoughts on “Year in Review”

  1. And blessings to you too dear friend. May the coming year be filled to the brim with love, joy, and even more self care. Hugs to you!

  2. Just so glad that we’ve travelled the past year together, albeit on opposite sides of a great ocean.
    and congratulations on all you’ve achieved and been in the year now ending and much love and manyhugs and blessings on the one ahead xxx

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family, Songie! I pray for many blessings in all areas of your lives, amen. And I can’t wait to see you again.

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